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Wolf Game Launches New PvP Arena, “The Peak”

BY Erika Lee

July 10, 2023

Popular blockchain-based Wolf Game has announced the introduction of a brand-new feature: The Peak. The Peak is a new PvP arena that offers an opportunity for avid Wolf Game players and new entrants to engage in three mini-games, all for $WOOL rewards.

In a press release, the Wolf Game team says it envisions an evolving landscape of competitive gaming with the potential to introduce team play, tournaments, life-and-death stakes for Sheep and Wolves characters, and collaborations with well-known brands.

Wolf Game has made significant strides since its inception, generating almost $150 million in sales. The venture has caught the attention of both mainstream and crypto industry heavyweights, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Post Malone, Marshmello, Seedphrase, gmoney, and Snowfro.

The first game, Wolf Wits, is a strategic card game allowing players to control a team of Sheep and Wolves, using astute card skills to outwit their rival.

Second is Tug of WOOL, a game-theory-based contest where players control equal numbers of Sheep and attempt to outperform their competitors in the majority of rounds.

The last game for The Peak is Water Wall, a board game tasking players to construct a channel linking the two sides before their adversary achieves the same.

How to play

In addition to this new player arena, Wolf Game will continue to deliver diverse gameplay experiences across 100 Farm Communities, encouraging competition in resource collection and looting. The resources acquired in these activities can be used on The Peak to buy and deploy power-ups.

Designed to tap into the competitive spirits of crypto enthusiasts and gamers, The Peak promises a thrilling experience where winning equates to lucrative rewards, and the vanquished leave empty-handed.

The Peak’s tiered system is composed of The Base, The Slope, and The Summit. Each tier presents escalating entry fees and increasing $WOOL rewards. To compete, players must have two essential elements: Peak Credits (converted from Energy) and an entry fee of $WOOL.

Ten minutes prior to the opening of the arena, the opt-in period for the upcoming game begins. Players who opt-in to a game will be matched at random to an opponent at the end of the opt-in period. For more information and directions, read the official Peak Paper. You can play Wolf Game on the official site.

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