Yuga Labs & nft now Present CryptoPunks Docuseries

BY Keisha Oleaga

September 15, 2023

Only a week after the successful Gateway Korea event, nft now welcomes yet another milestone. Today, Yuga Labs, the powerhouse behind web3 giants like CryptoPunks and BAYC, has dropped a trailer showcasing the upcoming companion series to their book on the iconic CryptoPunks collection. The docuseries is presented by CryptoPunks in partnership with nft now, the digital media platform trailblazing the future of tokenized media.

The venture follows the announcement made in June, revealing a collaboration with Zak Group to create a book on the history of CryptoPunks, told by the community. Hailed as one of Ethereum’s pioneering NFT projects, CryptoPunks was made by Larva Labs’ creators Matt Hall and John Watkinson—two of many other distinct voices you can expect to hear in the upcoming docuseries. The series promises an immersion into the history of CryptoPunks as they, along with other Punk icons, delve into their experiences, reasons for purchasing a Punk, and the community’s significance to them.

Introduced in 2017, the 10,000 unique CryptoPunks stand as early NFT trailblazers on the Ethereum blockchain, inspiring the widespread ERC-721 standard for digital art and collectibles. Their market value soared in 2021, with sales often hitting over a million dollars. Yuga Labs took ownership from Larva Labs in 2022, bolstering CryptoPunks’ digital art legacy. Under Yuga’s direction, CryptoPunks has enriched the art world, notably contributing to Miami’s Institute of Contemporary Art and Paris’s Centre Pompidou.

This partnership, stemming from the roots of one of the earliest and most iconic NFT projects on Ethereum, showcases a merging of histories and modern storytelling.

The docuseries, documenting the journey and impact of CryptoPunks, represents a significant historical marker for the web3, crypto, and digital art ecosystem. It’s not just about celebrating the monumental ascent of pixelated portraits to million-dollar art pieces, but also an exploration into the ethos and community surrounding it.

The stories, voices, and insights promised in the series will offer a deeper understanding of the motivations, passion, and culture that have fueled this digital renaissance. In documenting these tales, the docuseries become an essential cultural artifact, preserving the memories of this pivotal era in the evolution of digital art and its undeniable role in shaping the next iteration of the internet.

Mark your calendars for October 10, when the first episode of the docuseries will be released, providing insights into one of the notable NFT collections in history.

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