Charli Cohen x Paris Hilton

Exclusive: Charli Cohen Reveals ‘Mare Bears’ in Collaboration With Paris Hilton

BY Afrodet Zuri

September 28, 2023

The creative mind behind RSTLSS, Charli Cohen, has joined forces with Paris Hilton, Ubisoft’s Rabbids, and Gremplin for the inception of ‘MareBears’ – an innovative collectibles ecosystem. Today these tiny creatures, bearing resemblance to Pomeranians, will come alive on the blockchain and within an app as interactive digital pets. They will feature exchangeable and tradable characteristics, known as ‘BearParts’.

RSTLSS is a platform that gives brands, influencers and artists the freedom and accessibility to create and sell multiverse fashion, through an engaging, gamified experience. Past collaborators have included Claire Silver and Blizzard Games. Rabbids, also known as Raving Rabbids, is a video game franchise developed by the French-Italian video game industry Ubisoft

The unveiling of ‘MareBears’ involves a series of high-profile collaborations, aiming to bring new intellectual property to light by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like fully composable digital collectibles, interoperable avatars, and a next-gen UGC school. This initiative is designed to help budding creators transition into the digital economy. It also opens up new avenues for current and future holders to take part in creation, play, and trading within the RSTLSS ecosystem. 

Gremplin, the creator of Moonbirds Oddities, CrypToadz, and other collectible creatures has created a custom trait set for this project and like with all the traits, if a holder manages to mint Gremplin traits, they will later be able to split them out and sell them separately, or swap with traits from other ‘MareBear holders.

Each ‘MareBear’ is designed with 13 trait slots for maximum customization and rarity hacking. Collectors have the option to obtain, swap, or design ‘BearParts’ for ultimate personalization. These digital pals are ERC-6551 tokens (backpack wallets), while ‘BearParts’ are ERC-6059 (nestable tokens), enabling comprehensive customization. The MareBear transmuter can alter your bear’s 3D mesh based on the traits equipped, ensuring each bear is distinct.

“MareBears is our most exciting project to date because of the tech innovation. We have built a whole creator ecosystem around these bears that allows for a ton of customization and fun (we really need the fun in this market!) and also a way for young artists to start participating in and benefitting from web3 – holding a ‘MareBear will give you access to a beginners course on creating wearables, accessories and assets for video games, and we’ll support the sale and distribution of those creations via the ‘MareBears marketplace, which also pays out a lifetime royalty. It’s a really engaging first NFT for a non-web3 native, but also offers some joy for the degens,” Charli Cohen shared with nft now.

‘MareBears’ expands upon collecting by giving holders the opportunity to participate in creation, gaming, and trading within the RSTLSS ecosystem. Apart from being VRM avatar-ready and acting as Tamagotchi pets on your mobile, these digital buddies also produce Transmutium, a unique currency within the RSTLSS ecosystem for trading and interaction. 

RSTLSS is collaborating closely with the Props team, a pioneering product studio to enhance this launch, leveraging their expertise in digital fandom and interactive engagement to enrich the overall user experience. After securing first place at the Ubisoft Hackathon in Singapore, RSTLSS is expected to make more revelations about their plans for interoperable game assets in the Ubiverse.

Public sale of ‘MareBears’ is open now at and if you are lucky you may be able to mint the Paris Hilton of ‘MareBears’ with traits such as holographic wings and bedazzled DJ headphones.

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