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Have an Incredible NFT Story? You Can Win Big at ‘The Ennys’

BY Randy Ginsburg

June 28, 2022

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In market conditions like these, it’s important to take a step back every now and again and make sure you’re not taking things too seriously. Hug your family and friends. Touch grass. Make self-deprecating jokes online with a group of internet degens. You know, the necessities. 

But seriously, in these rough times, it’s important to band together. With this in mind, we wanted to take the time to recognize the one thing that separates the NFT community from any other industry in the world: The people. 

Last week, during the incredible NFT.NYC 2022, our team came together to launch the inaugural edition of the NFT100. It’s an annual celebration of the 100 most influential creators and community leaders in NFTs. This week, we’re uniting with Unstoppable Domains to really put the spotlight on you – the NFT community – with The Ennys!

An award show celebrating you

The Ennys is the first NFT award show dedicated to spotlighting YOUR stories. At nft now, we spend most of our days highlighting the record-setting companies, projects, and protocols moving the NFT space forward. Now, we want to dedicate some much-deserved time and energy to celebrating the stories behind the degens that make this space so great. 

Each of you has a story to tell about how you got here and how you, personally, have blazed your own path through NFTs. And we want to hear it.

Accidentally sell an NFT way under market? You could win. Sniped someone else’s NFT way under market? You could win, too. Funny story behind that hotdog PFP you have? Enny material. Whether you found your best friend through NFTs or your worst enemy, you could win. This is your chance to share your very best (and worst) NFT stories. 

The Categories

The Enny’s feature six highly-competitive categories. For each one, a single lucky winner will etch their name in the annals of Enny history. Here’s an overview of the various categories and how they are defined: 

How it Works

All participants are encouraged to submit their best stories via the Unstoppable Domains website now. And yes, you can submit a story for each category.  

Each story will be reviewed by a panel of NFT celeb co-hosts and judges including nft now’s own Matt Medved, NFTignition from the Fame Lady Squad, and Josh Gordon from Unstoppable Domains. Rumor has it, there will also be a few special guests. 

The winner of each Enny category will receive a prize bundle with $5,000 in Unstoppable Domains credits, a custom 1:6 NFT made by Amber Vittoria, essential gear from CryptoTag, a Skull Trooper NFT from DeadHeads, Punk Mambo Comic NFT from Valiant Entertainment, and more! 

All story submissions will be accepted until July 4st, so start thinking. Make sure to visit the Unstoppable Domains Twitter Space for the Enny Awards on July 7th, where all winners will be announced live at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST!

May the best degen stories win.  

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