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Krista Kim Explores Spirituality, Art, and Podcast Tokenization at The Gateway: Korea

BY nft now Staff

September 08, 2023

The Art and Spirituality Panel: A Conversation with Krista Kim panel, hosted by Matt Medved, commenced with a discussion on Kim’s featured at The Gateway.

She discusses her piece “Resonance,” a digital video of a slowly revolving rough diamond that guides viewers on an 8-minute journey of self-discovery, inviting them to tap into their inner light and peace in spite of any challenges they may face. She explains the meaning behind the piece and why she views people as precious diamonds.

“We are formed under pressure, and there’s a lot of hardship in life as a human being; life is ups and downs,” Kim says to Medved. “But I think the more resilient we are under pressure, we can overcome difficult circumstances, and we can become beautiful diamonds.”

Medved and Kim then pondered on the profound influence of digital identity on her artistry.

Kim responded by asserting, “Data is power, data is oil; it’s a form of property.” The conversation then shifted towards the impact of blockchain technology on art ownership, and both Kim and Medved concurred that the need for verification on the blockchain has significantly transformed the art ownership landscape.

Medved added that “the pursuit of truth” is a central theme in this context. Kim and Medved acknowledged the seismic shift in the art ownership landscape, where the need for verification on the blockchain had ushered in a new era of trust and accountability. This technological innovation, they contended, not only empowered artists and collectors but also reshaped the very foundations of the art market itself.

In an era marked by new and emerging technologies, the need for transparency, provenance, and authentication, the blockchain’s immutable ledger is more essential than ever. They discussed its implications for Web3, ultimately leading to a discussion about AI. They explored both the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI.

Medved emphasized the importance of embracing technology while also managing its associated risks.

“It’s about embracing the technology while mitigating potential downsides or dangers it can create,” Medved said.

He inquired about Kim’s evolving relationship with AI, acknowledging the creative tension that artists often experience when incorporating AI into their creative workflows due to the potential hazards it presents.

Kim revealed that she had only recently begun using AI in the past six months but says it has been helpful in bringing visions already in her head to life.

Kim draws an analogy between AI artists and the role of a director in a film. “AI is a tool, but the creator has to know what they want. they have to prompt engineer what they want to create,” she said. “You still need to have a concept, a philosophy, a vision. it’s a collaborative process”

Matt and Kim then delved into the pressing issue of the mental health crisis within the Web3 space, discussing the relentless 24/7 pressure and anxiety that artists, founders, and builders often endure.

Kim recommended that an effective method for alleviating anxiety involves abstaining from comparing oneself to others. She elaborated on the profound importance of meditation in her personal journey, highlighting how it has been instrumental in overcoming mental challenges such as depression and anxiety. In a moment of vulnerability, she emphasized that her art plays a crucial role in her self-healing journey, stemming from her efforts to confront and heal from past traumas.

Medved wrapped up the conversation by making an exciting announcement to the audience.

First Tokenized Podcast Episode

“We’re very excited to announce that we’re going to be tokenizing our very podcast episode and airdropping it to all Now Pass holders,” he said, facing Kim. “And the subject is none other than yourself.”

As he spoke, the large screen behind him transitioned to display an image of Kim, showcasing her presence on the NFT Now Podcast. The audience erupted in cheers.

As well as commemorating a landmark moment in The Gateway’s global expansion and our first piece of tokenized media, this airdrop will unlock exciting rewards with the Now Network Member Portal’s launch later this year. Find the official OpenSea link to the tokenized podcast here.

Along with airdropping the first tokenized nft now podcast, the company founders also announced the expansion to Now Media on October 10.

Throughout the past year, nft now has been at the forefront of exploring the future of tokenized media, and this exciting announcement marks the next significant step in its innovative journey. As we leave this panel enriched by Kim’s wisdom and inspired by the limitless possibilities of art and technology, it’s evident that the ever-evolving intersection of creativity and digital identity will continue to shape our world in profound and transformative ways.

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