Behind the Drop: Mike Tyson x Cory Van Lew

BY nft now Staff

August 16, 2021

Boxing legend Mike Tyson and rising star artist Cory Van Lew are set to release their NFT collaboration tomorrow at 4 pm EST on OpenSea.

For our latest episode of “Behind the Drop,” we went behind-the-scenes of the collaboration, capturing Van Lew’s journey of creation from his home studio to meeting the former heavyweight champion at Tyson Ranch.

Cory Van Lew has been one of the fastest growing artists in the NFT space and we’re fortunate to be able to document his journey in bringing this project with acclaimed boxer Mike Tyson to life. Cory and Mike partnered with OpenSea for this drop and we had a chance to sit down with CEO Devin Finzer in this episode to learn more about the partnership and how OpenSea is looking to uplift a whole new market of artists and creators.

Check out our full mini-doc here.

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