Behind the Drop: NFT Affirmations

BY Langston Thomas

October 14, 2021

In a market dominated by PFPs and derivatives, Chad Knight, Samantha James, Nathaniel Parrott and Karsen Woods (aka Karsen Daily) have banded together to bring a hefty dose of positivity to the NFT space. With their project NFT Affirmations, the talented quartet has introduced a collectible series of 10,000 NFTs inspired by the success stories of the NFT community.

Created to capture a moment in crypto culture, NFT Affirmations combines meme-worthy art with inspirational statements geared specifically toward those deeply involved with or generally interested in the NFT community.

“As far as the art itself goes for this project, the backgrounds that we used were taken from my and Chad Knight’s database of art that we had created over the years,” Parrott tells nft now. “Some of them were from when we just sucked, and it’s hilarious pairing those with affirmations because it adds this, I think, level of vulnerability and irony to the project.”

Hear what the founders of NFT Affirmations had to say about the project below in nft now’s Behind the Drop: NFT Affirmations.

While many projects throughout the 2021 NFT market have attempted to bootstrap a community through the sale of their NFTs, Knight, James, Parrott and Woods decided to steer clear of avatar-based art in order to conceive something more indicative of the NFT ecosystem as a whole.

“We thought [NFT Affirmations] was an opportunity for us to come in and bring something new to the table and really capture the moment of what’s happening right now,” Knight tells nft now. “It’s a very meta project where it’s a project about the industry that it’s participating in.”

Knight, James, Parrott and Woods — who were already established NFT artists and influencers — started NFT Affirmations with the goal of creating an inclusive community. The group has been friends for quite some time, and Knight says the collection — which is a direct result of their friendship — is not only meant for NFT maximalists, but for all enthusiasts.

“This entire collectibles project, this entire culture, it’s for all of us,” Woods tells nft now. “Everybody who has still not even, you know, found their way in yet, we’re waiting — and this series is meant to welcome you.”

To collect and learn more about NFT Affirmations, visit the project’s website.

Photos courtesy of NFT Affirmations.

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