Behind the Drop: This NFT is Your Virtual Best Friend

BY nft now Staff

March 30, 2022

Editor’s note: In February 2023, FriendsWithYou’s fRiENDSiES project deleted its Twitter account after announcing that the project would be put on pause. This raises questions about the team’s ability to deliver on promises. Reader’s are encouraged to conduct added due diligence before supporting the team or their projects.

In this episode of Behind The Drop, we take you behind the scenes for a studio tour and exclusive interview with the creators of FriendsWithYou, Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, for their fRiENDSiES NFT drop. fRiENDSiES is a set of customizable NFTs that act as a virtual companion for the owner. FriendsWithYou plans on making these NFTs interactive in the metaverse.

Disclaimer: At time of publication, members of the nft now team were holders of FriendsWithYou NFTs.

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