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Can Lyrical Lemonade Change Hip-Hop Forever?

BY Jex Exmundo

August 23, 2022

Lyrical Lemonade’s rise over the past decade has been nothing short of meteoric, even playing a pivotal role in the widespread emergence of the era-defining hip-hop microgenre called Soundcloud rap.

What started as a humble blog founded by then-high school student Cole Bennett in 2013 evolved into a full-on multimedia company and a juggernaut in the hip-hop world. Beyond production credits for some of the last decade’s biggest hits like Lucid Dreams and Catch Me Outside, Bennett has recently expanded the scope of Lyrical Lemonade’s operations into collaborations with legacy apparel brands, as well as an annual music festival.

Now, Bennett has his sights set on a new avenue of exploration for Lyrical Lemonade: Web3. In this episode of Behind The Drop, we sat down with Bennett and other members of the Lyrical Lemonade team on its new Web3 initiative, L3MON. Through ownership of its debut NFT collection, the Lyrical Lemonade team hopes to invite its most ardent supporters on its journey into new digital horizons.

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