Watch Final Episode of “Punks As Told By CryptoPunks” With Hans Ulrich Obrist & Larva Labs

BY nft now Staff

April 18, 2024

Our final episode of “Punks as Told by CryptoPunks” features Larva Labs in conversation with art curator and critic Hans Ulrich Obrist.

This episode is the culmination of the archival work of the book “CryptoPunks: Free to Claim,” a behind-the-scenes video in which renowned curator Hans Ulrich Obrist sat down for a four-hour interview in New York City to discuss Matt and John’s inspiration for CryptoPunks, what it means to create something truly immutable, and much more.

Hans Ulrich Obrist has curated over 300 shows alongside multiple publications and international lectures. Among his many achievements as a leading art critic, he is the artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries in London, author of the extension and ongoing series The Interview Project, and co-editor of the Cahiers d’Art review.

“Punks As Told By CryptoPunks” is an intimate chronicle of CryptoPunks, expanding upon the ongoing archival work of the upcoming Punks book, told through weekly episodes of unfiltered conversations and behind-the-scenes moments.

Created in partnership with nft now and CryptoPunks.

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