RTFKT Partners With Takashi Murakami for CLONE X Avatar Project

BY Langston Thomas

October 29, 2021

When it comes to virtual fashion, RTFKT has pushed the envelope with forward-thinking metaverse wearables. It previously partnered with streetwear icon Jeff Staple on a series of collectibles, and then launched a CryptoPunks-inspired shoe project. On Friday, Oct. 29, the NFT collective unveiled its latest collaborator: Takashi Murakami.

As the latest in the long list of teasers for its forthcoming CLONE X (fka AKIRA) drop, RTFKT has once again increased the already palpable hype surrounding the project. CLONE X, a series of 20,000 avatar collectibles set to drop in November, was conceived within the current PFP-saturated market, with Murakami joining to help innovate RTFKT’s highly anticipated 3D offering.

Murakami, who has a rich history of collaboration in multimedia art, has helped design eyes, mouths, helmets, clothes and other various traits of the forthcoming generative avatars in his own unique style, according to Hypebeast. This collaboration may mark the first time Murakami’s art will be sold as an NFT; the celebrated artist previously announced and then postponed his own NFT drop earlier this year.

As RTFKT has remained the premier, digitally native virtual fashion brand throughout the 2021 NFT boom, this latest news comes during a time when digital and traditional art continue to intersect in fantastical ways. From Dolce & Gabbana selling an NFT collection for $5.7 million, to Gucci auctioning off a collection-inspired NFT at Christie’s, the lines between physical and virtual wearables have continued to be blurred.

To learn more about the CLONE X project, visit the RTFKT Discord.

Photos courtesy of RTFKT.

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