5 Reddit Avatar Collections Leading the Latest NFT Market Surge

BY Langston Thomas

October 25, 2022

If there’s one salient fact emerging from the NFT space, it’s that people go wild for PFP NFTs. From CryptoPunks to Bored Apes, NFT enthusiasts are more gung-ho on generative avatars than nearly anything Web3’s seen so far.

So it makes perfect sense that in the ever-evolving market, Reddit Collectible NFT Avatars are surpassing everyone’s expectations. Based on the social platform’s mascot, Snoo, the popularity of Reddit NFTs can be traced back to the platform’s first NFT collection, released back in June 2021.

But the latest wave of exceedingly popular Reddit Avatars differs from the first four artistic interpretations of its Snoo that sold, at times, for as high as 175 ETH ($234,000). This current surge has deep ties to the success of Reddit’s Avatar Builder, not to mention the independent artists and recognized talent the company tapped for its many influential collections.

While it would be nearly impossible to catalog the 2.5 million+ avatars that now populate the Reddit NFT market, we’ve put together this list of noteworthy collections, ranked by overall sales volume, to offer a glimpse into the vast and growing Reddit Collectible Avatars ecosystem.

Spooky Season: poieeeyee

Three of poieeeyee’s Spooky Season NFTs

Project Overview

What’s interesting about the collection

Spooky Season: poieeeyee x Reddit Collectible Avatars is a Halloween-themed collection released during the spooky season of 2022. Created by Redditor poieeeyee, against all odds, this single collection has become the biggest gainer out of all Reddit Avatars. Shortly after its release, the collection quickly secured the number-one spot on OpenSea’s Top 10 list by 24-hour trading volume, with nearly double the sales volume of any other Reddit Avatars release.

The Senses

Three of Rojom’s The Senses NFTs

Project Overview

What’s interesting about the collection

The Senses x Reddit Collectible Avatars is one of two PFP NFT projects created by Redditor Rojom. The collection is comprised of three different horror-themed NFTs each depicting one of three human senses: taste, sight, and touch. Although Rojom’s Spooky Season collection (further down this list) was created for Halloween, the images from The Senses surely rival even the creepiest sci-fi monsters.


Three of Tyler Foust’s Foustlings NFTs

Project Overview

What’s interesting about the collection

Foustlings x Reddit Collectible Avatars, similar to The Senses, is one of Reddit’s best-selling NFT collections. Having stood the test of time since its July 2022 release, the collection was created in collaboration with Redditor Tyler Foust, and of course, features Snoos imbued with Foust’s signature vibrant squiggly line style.

Spooky Season: Rojom

Three of Rojom's Spooky NFTs
Three of Rojom’s Spooky Season NFTs

Project Overview

What’s interesting about the collection

Similar to poieeeyee’s influential collection, Spooky Season: Rojom x Reddit Collectible Avatars was released in October 2022 just in time for Halloween. Considering the many avatar collections available in the Reddit NFT ecosystem, the fact that Reddit user Rojom has secured the second and fourth spots on the list of most prominent projects in terms of sales volume is quite a feat.

Wearing Your Emotions

Three of StutterVoid’s Wearing Your Emotions NFTs

Project Overview

What’s interesting about the collection

Wearing Your Emotions x Reddit Collectible Avatars was created by Redditor StutterVoid. In an AMA, Stutter said that the collection was created out of a concept they had been working on for a few years which was based on wearing your emotions proudly instead of hiding away from the world. Although Stutter went on to release a Spooky Season collection, Wearing Your Emotions remains their highest-grossing project.

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