VeeFriends and Mattel Merge Skilled Skeleton with He-Man’s Skeletor

BY Andrew Rossow

September 27, 2023

VeeFriends announced its latest partnership this week with toy giant Mattel to bring together two iconic pop-culture characters – Skeletor from the 1980’s TV series, He-Man & Masters of the Universe, and Gary Vee’s Skilled Skeleton.

Born from Vaynerchuk’s own realm of imagination, the Skilled Skeleton character is meant to encapsulate the values of optimism, accountability, and kindness – traits that are known to be central to the VeeFriends‘ ethos.

As one of Vaynerchuk’s favorite communities, Masters of the Universe is the next stage in VeeFriends’ long-term vision, which Vaynerchuk has previously described as “his Disney and his Pokemon.”

Complementing the Skilled Skeleton is the iconic Skeletor figure, recognizable to many Masters of the Universe fans. This action figure boasts three swappable heads and five interchangeable hands, packed with several other accessories. 

According to the announcement, the heads of the Skilled Skeleton and Skeletor are designed to be exchanged, enhancing the interactive experience.

“Everything comes to he who waits…and I have waited so very long for this moment.”

Skeletor, masters of the universe

In addition to the dual-character pack, VeeFriends owners are also able to feature an exclusive Snake Mountain backdrop behind their cherished NFT characters.

“Partnering with such an iconic figure like Skeletor feels extremely surreal; this character is a touchstone for all of us from the Gen X era,” Vee said. “I’m excited to collaborate once again with Mattel following our incredibly successful VeeFriends UNO collaboration.”

Since VeeFriends’ 2021 launch, Vaynerchuk has aligned the company with other leading brands, such as Johnnie Walker, Macy’s, Reebok, Squishmallows, and Mattel’s UNO.

“Gary’s innate passion and connection to the brand is one of the many reasons we were excited to collaborate with his forward-thinking 1company,” Mattel VP and Head of Action Figures PJ Lewis said. “This collaboration allows us to connect to our Masters of the Universe fans in a new and exciting way while continuing to expand the audience for our best-in-class action figures with Gary’s VeeFriends fanbase.”

Toys and action-figures seem to be paving a way for notable NFT characters to reach broader audiences and go mainstream. Yesterday, Pudgy Penguins announced the launch of their Pudgy toys being sold in 2,000 Walmarts across the US, further amplifying their brand IP beyond web3.

The action-figure collectibles Masters of the Universe Origins Skeletor & VeeFriends Skilled Skeleton will be available for pre-order on Oct. 6, exclusively through the Mattel Creations website

Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-4.

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