The 10 Best GM Memes of All Time

BY Minister of NFTs

April 05, 2023

Twitter engagement goes a long way in Web3. Considering those within the NFT community spend a significant amount (let’s just call it 99 percent) of their time greeting, Tweeting, or otherwise interacting with each other via the Elon-owned app, few aspects of the metaverse have become as important as the general camaraderie shared by those within it.

Yet, when it comes to seasoned adages of the blockchain, the “LFG” and “WAGMI” battle cries of old pale in comparison to a well-crafted and masterfully timed “GM.” Having surpassed even the common NFT vernacular, GM, in 2023, has been elevated to Web3 meme status, inspiring countless individuals to spam the general Twitter feed with their clever acronyms.

Now, in an effort to chronicle this meme timeline that will undoubtedly go down in NFT history, standout meme master MinisterOfNFTs has taken it upon himself to become the ultimate purveyor of this latest wave of NFT comedy. In collaboration with nft now, the pseudonymous force has set the trend in stone with a list of the 10 best GM memes of all time. — Langston Thomas

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