Play-to-Earn NFT Project Bad Cards Club Plans to Gamify NFT Humor

BY Langston Thomas

January 04, 2022

As the new year gets underway, collectors of all creeds are back to their old tricks and looking for the next big thing in NFTs. While play-to-earn seems to be a likely candidate to help revolutionize the 2022 NFT market, it’s become clear that NFT gaming is anything but a one-horse race.

With RPGs and third-person battle royales finding renewed popularity via blockchain technology, a new project called Bad Cards Club looks poised to take 2022 play-to-earn NFTs in an entirely different direction. A trading card game built on the blockchain, Bad Cards Club is attempting to distill NFT and web3 humor into a tradeable, fill-in-the-blank card game for all to enjoy.

A large number of collections throughout 2021 either promised to develop a game as part of a lengthy roadmap or teased a multiplayer game to be released upon selling out. Yet, playable experiences born from NFT projects have been vastly few and far between.

Bad Cards Club creator Nate Fox says he saw projects falling short on deliverables and set out to create a gaming experience that isn’t in the roadmap, but is the roadmap. What he and the BCC team are working towards is an accessible and inclusive project that anyone from NFT tourists to purists can enjoy.

“It’s a project that brings communities together,” Fox tells nft now. “Most games on the market don’t require any interaction with others. This game is 100% community-focused and driven with expansion packs, team matches, tournaments, etc. that are all a part of our roadmap.”

The mechanics of Bad Cards Club are pretty straightforward and will undoubtedly be familiar to those who’ve played physical versions of fill-in-the-blank party games. But while most party card games require you to own the entirety of a deck in order to play, by purchasing a single BCC NFT — represented by a snarky and sarcastic card that acts as an answer to edgy prompts — collectors gain access to an online portal where they can play matches with their friends utilizing the entirety of a 7,000 NFT card deck.

A brief explanation of Bad Cards Club from the official project website

Although anyone who holds a BCC NFT in their wallet can play for fun, collecting multiple cards will unlock new tiers of ownership, each yielding different rewards and accessibility to participate in prize-pool matches.

“You’ll want to hold the cards you feel would do well in gameplay,” Fox tells nft now. “Holders with three or more tokens get to enter one of their cards to compete for the question, or ‘Bad Buddy’ card. From there, ‘Bad Buddy’ Cardholders have access to play games for even greater NFTs and prizes from our partner projects.”

Fox says that, in his opinion, one of the best parts about Bad Cards Club is that players won’t need to spend transaction fees on staking or transferring cards during gamepley. Prizes for those participating in play-to-earn matches will simply be sent to the wallet holding the winning card.

Yet, winning may not be as simple as it sounds. Unlike other humor-based card games, over 10% of BCC cards will feature references pulled from the collective ethos, culture, and humor surrounding all things NFTs and web3. And as an ecosystem built by a mish-mosh of investors, collectors, artists, and general degenerates, there’s no telling what sort of jokes await potential collectors and players once Bad Cards Club is released.

“We have all the cards ready, and the game portal is nearly done,” Fox tells nft now. “Now we’re going to continue to build the incredible community. We are full steam ahead now, and the plan is to mint at the end of January!”

To learn more about Bad Cards Club, make sure to visit the project website, or follow them on Twitter here.

Photos courtesy of Bad Cards Club.

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