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Exclusive: Fewocious Announces Details for Long-Awaited PFP Collection

BY Langston Thomas

May 31, 2023

There are few creators as important to the NFT space as Fewocious. A prolific artist since his early teenage years, Fewo’s influential intellectual property has proliferated to the farthest reaches of the blockchain, finding life as large-scale collections and 1/1 auctions alike.

As we enter summer, Fewo has unveiled details about the next chapter of his unique multimedia project, FewoWorld, that’s been years in the making. When first, there were only Paint Drops; now, Web3 can look forward to a full-blown, large-scale generative art project called Fewos.

What are Fewos?

As the latest collection of work coinciding with Fewocious’ metaverse project, Fewos (aptly titled with Fewo’s nickname) will act as the counterparts to Paint Drops — the “building blocks of all life” in FewoWorld, released in April 2022. Fewos are said to be FewoWorld’s “little inhabitants,” with each unique character embodying the essence of Fewo’s art.

“It’s so insane to make 20,000 little beings that are generated and feel like my art. In a different dimension!!! Threeee deeeeeeee.”


The collection, set to launch sometime during the week of August 21, will feature 20,000 generative avatars, each hand-drawn in 2D and then sculpted into 3D as a final NFT product. The full slate of NFTs will be made up of three main species: Frankensteins, Misunderstoods, and Humanoids, with each to be explained as the mint draws closer.

“This is the longest I’ve ever worked on something.” Fewo said in a press release shared with nft now. “It’s so insane to make 20,000 little beings that are generated and feel like my art. In a different dimension!!! Threeee deeeeeeee.”

“All the fewos feel so alive…this entire process has taught me so much and I’ve always dreamed of making FewoWorld. It’s coming now and I’m so excited.”

Credit: Fewocious

When August finally arrives, there will be three sale windows for Fewos:

  • First, Paint Holders will have access to the Paint Holder Presale, where they can use their Paint Drops to redeem a free Fewo.
  • Then, holders of other Fewocious pieces (such as Canvas, Fewocious art, and previously released wearables) will have access to the Fewocious Art Holder Presale, where they can mint a Fewo for a discounted price.
  • Finally, the general public will have access to a Public Sale. All final dates, times, and prices are yet to be announced.
Credit: Fewocious

What can collectors expect?

As a unique addition to this landmark Fewocious sale (and with the help of Manifold), Fewos will each come with their own “backpack” wallets. These ERC-1665 tokens will allow Fewos to hold their own NFTs — an advent that has only recently been popularized by the likes of xNFTs and the release of token standard ERC-6551.

Credit: Fewocious

Furthermore, once minted, the incentives for Fewo holders don’t stop. Because after a collector obtains a Fewo, they will then be able to redeem “Flowers” for their Fewos. These Flowers NFTs will act as mint passes for future FewoFashion wearables and accessories.

Paint Holders will be eligible to redeem one free Flower for every unit of Paint in their Paint Drop. For all non-Paint Drop holders, all other Fewos minted will be eligible to redeem one free Flower. All Flowers will be redeemable for wearables and accessories during what Fewo calls “blooming events.”

Of course, considering Fewocious’ love and knack for complex worldbuilding, there will likely be a variety of other announcements and surprises to come. But for now, fans of the multifaceted creator can mark their calendars, dust off their Paint Drops, and get excited about this highly-anticipated summer drop.

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