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Christie’s at The Gateway: Your Access to an Exclusive NFT Auction

BY Jex Exmundo

November 18, 2022

As The Gateway 2022 draws closer, we’ve taken great joy in sharing with you all the artists, speakers, and activations to expect at the five-day event. Since we’re occupying two entire downtown Miami city blocks in celebration of all things NFTs, an exclusive NFT auction would serve as the perfect keystone for the week’s festivities.

And the legacy auction house Christie’s is here to deliver just that.

Starting on November 29, Christie’s is set to make its second-ever sale on Christie’s 3.0 — the auction house’s recently launched on-chain NFT marketplace — at The Gateway 2022. Titled Next Wave: The Miami Edit, the sale will consist of a highly curated selection of 15 NFTs from some of the most prominent artists active in the NFT space. Headlining the sale is Mother Flock from the Life In Our Minds NFT collection. The work is a collaborative piece from the art collective Random International, and is touted as a “constantly evolving virtual sculpture” according to a press release shared with nft now. Bidding and sales for the featured pieces will open on Christie’s on-chain NFT marketplace will open the following day, on November 30.

The Gateway attendees will help Christie’s installation evolve all week

Despite the central piece’s virtual presentation, attendees of The Gateway will be able to interact with it, influencing its very evolution. At Christie’s installation for Next Wave: The Miami Edit, attendees are free to manipulate the flocks of bird-like origami figures that make up Mother Flock, which hopes to serve as a testament to the creative possibilities afforded to NFT artists.

Along with the highlighted piece, the upcoming Christie’s sale will feature works from Dave Krugman, Cath Simard, Elf J Trul, Sasha Stiles, Cory Van Lew, and more. Speaking on the opportunity, Christie’s Director of Digital Art Sales Nicole Sales Giles said in a press release shared with nft now: “We are beyond proud to be leaders in the Web3 community and are humbled to have the ability and privilege to amplify these important artistic voices in the contemporary art landscape.”

To see these works in person on top of everything else prepared for The Gateway 2022, RSVP your tickets here now.

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