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DeGods Debuts Season 3, Introduces “Art Downgrade” and Points Parlor

BY Andrew Rossow

August 14, 2023

DeGods, announced Season 3 of its collection on August 13, which includes an updated art “downgrade” and new ad-based business model called Points Parlor. 

Its parent company, [de]labs described this new initiative as one that is set to “redefine the NFT space” while infus[ing] it with a “burst of color, excitement, and community engagement.”

Launched in 2021, DeGods is a deflationary 10K PFP collection of gods dressed in modern streetwear-meets-ancient-deity vibes, serving as one of the most popular NFT projects.

Behind the “Art Downgrade”

After receiving backlash on its recent “art upgrade,” [de]labs introduced what appears to be a first-time utilization of an “art downgrade.”

Drawing inspiration from 1960s pop art icons like Roy Lichtenstein and classic American comic book illustrators, the Art Downgrade adopts a simplified, nostalgic aesthetic that revitalizes the existing DeGods collection through non-dilutive artwork that is “vibrant” and a “simpler art style,” along with an overall IP expansion.

Unique to this mechanism is that DeGods holders can now “opt into” the Season 3 upgrade for 333 $DUST, its native token, per NFT. According to a press release shared with nft now, the fee structure will decrease over time to ensure widespread accessibility. 

“We’re experimenting with some fresh art and exciting rewards. Get ready for something cool,” said DeGods founder Rohun Vora, who also goes by the alias ‘Frank DeGods.’”

But for the PFP collection, Season 3 isn’t just another NFT initiative, but something bigger that centers around [de]labs’ focus on sustained, substantial growth, and an attempted shift away from the speculative hype that has significantly endangered and prevented widespread adoption of this technology.

What is ‘Points Parlor’?

Earlier this month, DeGods introduced Points Parlor, a novel points system and new gamified business model that speaks to how users get rewarded from NFT projects. 

Points Parlor is a dynamic platform that Dust Labs developed to foster community engagement, as well as enhance DeGods’ brand visibility. 

For DeGods, Points Parlor is more than just a gamified rewards platform, but a novel ad product that directly connects brands and DeGods holders. 

“[de]labs believe that the real value of DeGods lies in its vibrant community, their engagement, and the attention they bring. The introduction of Points Parlor and the unique Art Downgrade is a testament to this ethos. [de]labs is committed to cultivating a community that is inclusive, engaged, and rewarded for their loyalty,” the press release states.

Players can use their loyalty points, which are earned through holding a DeGods NFT, to win rewards. According to the press release, the prize pool will comprise all of the $DUST fees collected from Season 3’s art “downgrades” and over $250,000 USD in brand-sponsored prizes. 

When DeGods first teased these new projects between August 9 and 10, it announced that it would migrate its sister project, y00ts, from Polygon to Ethereum.

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