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Gala Games Shifts NFTs to GalaChain; Partners with Elixir Games

BY Andrew Rossow

August 08, 2023

Web3 gaming platform Gala Games announced on Monday that it would be relocating its unsold and reserved NFT game items from the Ethereum network to its newly launched proprietary blockchain, GalaChain, which will allow gamers to use their NFT game items without paying Ethereum gas fees. 

The platform is committed to creating AAA game experiences that concentrate on player ownership, with several releases this past year and “over a dozen games in late stages of development.”

Gala Games will offer players multiple tiers of new “NFT Mystery Boxes” that will feature game items no longer available through the Gala Games Store. Currently, it has made 30,204 Mystery Boxes that are available to players at various price points, according to the press release. Each Mystery Box will contain three random game items (tokens) from various titles in the Gala Games ecosystem, which will live within GalaChain. 

“Bringing NFTs from our games onto our own layer 1 blockchain is a huge step forward. These are game items intended to be used and enjoyed without always worrying about bridges and gas,” said Gala Games’ President of Blockchain, Jason “BitBender” Brink. 

Elixir Games Partnership

Last week, it partnered with Elixir Games to bring some of its popular gaming titles including its farming simulation game “Town Star” and the PvP brawler “Spider Tanks” to its Games Launcher. 

Known for its Web3 distribution platform, Elixir Games provides players with an immersive gaming experience coupled with what it describes as “robust community engagement.”

Carlos Roldan, the founder and CEO of Elixir Games, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration. 

“Our goal is to provide players with the best gaming content and community engagement, and this partnership allows us to deliver on that promise,” he shared in a press release. In an interview with Decrypt, Roldan said that post-launch, Elixir is planning to augment its gaming catalog with additional titles from Gala Games. 

As part of the partnership, Elixir Games will also host a dedicated node on the Gala Network, whereby it will host weekly gaming nights with exclusive prizes and special guests from the Elixir Partner program. 

Diving deeper into the games, “Town Star” is a captivating town-building and farming simulation game. Players can either leisurely craft their unique urban space or engage in competitive gameplay, vying with global players to erect a bustling metropolis. 

On the other hand, “Spider Tanks” offers a Player vs. Player (PvP) brawling experience. Gamers can customize tanks using NFT components and then battle it out in 3v3 arena matches spanning various game modes. An intriguing feature of this game is the ability for players to lend or borrow tanks as NFTs.

For those keen on exploring this new partnership, further details can be accessed on the official websites of Elixir and Gala Games. Additionally, gaming enthusiasts can stay updated with the latest developments by following Gala Games on Discord and “X” (formerly Twitter).

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