Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory Studios Launches Founder’s Key NFT Project

BY Langston Thomas

October 12, 2021

Tom Bilyeu, CEO and co-founder of the influential Impact Theory brand, revealed details surrounding his upcoming NFT drop on Oct. 12. After weeks of teasing an enigmatic collection via Twitter, the entrepreneur and influential creative took to his Impact Theory Discord to announce the Founder’s Key NFT project.

“The Founder’s Key is our most significant product to date: It’s giving holders ground-floor access to unlock everything Impact Theory is building,” Bilyeu said in a press release. “The token will empower our community to leverage amazing opportunities in the metaverse and real world.”

Set to launch Oct. 13 (exact time TBA), the mint for the project will last three days, with a total of 20,000 NFTs available to collect. The project features three unique tiers — Relentless, Heroic and Legendary — each giving collectors varying levels of access to perks within the Impact Theory ecosystem.

The collection will begin with the sale of the Legendary tier, which is comprised of 2,700 NFTs at a price of 3 ETH each. Following Legendary will be the sale of the Heroic tier on Oct. 14 (7,300 NFTs, 1.5 ETH each), then the Relentless tier on Oct. 15 (10,000 NFTs, 0.1 ETH each). Each tier will be available two days later via public dutch auction, meaning the starting prices of the Legendary, Heroic and Relentless tiers at 3, 1.5 and 0.1 ETH, respectively, will drop incrementally every hour until each price is halved.

Depending on the tier, collectors have the opportunity to gain seven levels of “access” within the Founder’s Key/Impact Theory ecosystem, including direct access, discounts, partnership perks and more. A full list of access available to those who hold a Founder’s Key can be found here.

The drop will go live at, with the specific time to be announced via Bilyeu’s Discord. Along with the drop mechanics, Bilyeu released a roadmap for the Impact Theory brand, which can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Impact Theory.

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