Martha Stewart Launches Her Own NFTs: ‘I See NFTs As a New Canvas for Creativity’

BY Anna Chan

October 19, 2021

Martha Stewart is getting into the NFT space. The lifestyle icon announced on Tuesday, Oct. 19, that she has partnered with Tokns Commerce and launched her first NFT collection, as well as her own digital boutique called FRESH Mint via

Stewart, 80, is collaborating with rising NFT creators, artists, designers, and photographers for her collection, which is available now.

She expressed her enthusiasm via Twitter with her 3.4 million followers. “A new and exciting venture! I am creating NFTs and I’m delighted to share with you little (and some well-known) pieces from my world,” she tweeted along with a photo of herself with one of the delicately carved pumpkins that is now an NFT titled Spellbinding Sorceress Carving.

In a press statement, Stewart added: “I’ve been so fortunate to collaborate with talented artists, creators and entrepreneurs throughout my life. I see NFTs as a new canvas for creativity, and blockchain as a vehicle to protect artists’ IP and support their incredible work.”

The Carved Collection

Her first featured NFT drop is title Carved Collection, and as her tweet suggested, it’s here just in time for Halloween. Several of the NFTs feature super detailed pumpkin carvings of Stewart and her elaborate costumes, and are done by Marc Evan and Chris Soria of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers.

But there’s more than just jack-o’-lanterns. Stewart’s NFTs — which can also be found on popular marketplace OpenSea — includes a total of 50 items. Among them is Naughty Nurse, which features a red-eyed Stewart dressed as a nurse drenched in blood; Poptastic Roy Lichtenstein, in which the icon is dressed as one of the artist’s comic-book women; and Black Widow, which sees her in her 2000 costume inspired by makeup artist Stefano Anselmo.

Stewart’s NFTs will have some additional goodies for the auction winners, including unlockable content, as well as signed notes from the lifestyle guru herself.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Stewart didn’t just jump into NFTs blind. She did extensive research and also consulted those in the know, including her friend and Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party costar Snoop Dogg. The rapper dropped his first NFT collection, “A Journey With Dogg,” in early April, and has continued engaging with the community. He’s even claimed to be the man behind noted NFT collector and influencer Cozomo de’ Medici.

With her foray into NFTs, Stewart will also have another topic of discussion with her grandkids. She told WSJ: “These kids love to talk about cryptocurrency. They’re the Reddit crowd. These are real go-getters. They want to be first, they want to be cool, they want to be hip.”


Photo courtesy of Tokns.

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