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Mythical Games Takes Web3 Blankos Block Party to Mobile Gamers

BY Andrew Rossow

September 20, 2023

Following the successful launch of NFL Rivals, the Web3 game studio Mythical Games, announced that it’s bringing one of its most popular titles, Blankos Block Party, to mobile gamers.

Mythical Games specializes in building games around “player-owned” economies that have helped to develop leading game franchises including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Skylanders, and more. In June, the startup secured $37 million as part of a Series C1 funding round led by Scytale Digital and with participation from Andreessen Horowitz, Ark Invest, and others.

In August, the gaming studio announced NFL Rivals, the NFL’s first-ever licensed game that incorporates blockchain technology into a “gamers-first” approach through a landmark collaboration between Mythical Games, the NFL, and the NFL Players Association.

Originally launched on PC, Bankos Block Party is a unique blend of Web2 and Web3 features, enabling players to make in-app purchases without the need for cryptocurrencies or Mythical Games’ tokens, making it compliant with major app stores’ policies. While Web3 technology enhances the game’s experience, Mythical Games’ “gamers first” approach ensures that players can enjoy the game without delving into the intricacies of blockchain technology.

Ahead of the 2023 NFL season, which kicked off on September 7, the Miami Dolphins signed a deal with NFL Rivals, marking the gaming studio’s first NFL partnership, where the NFL Rivals’ branding will be featured throughout the Dolphins’ home stadium during games. 

Since its launch, the mobile game, available on iOS and Android, has experienced almost 2.5 million downloads. According to Linden, Mythical Games has been emphatic about complying with the app store rules of both Apple and Google, especially given Apple’s more stringent policies.

Players can use virtual currency to purchase items within the Marketplace, and this virtual currency can be obtained through in-app purchases, allowing app stores to collect their standard 30% fee. However, this virtual currency cannot be cashed out and is designed for in-game purchases.

Web3 Mobile Gaming

While Google Play’s rules explicitly prevented certain Web3 games, Mythical Games’ approach has enabled it to collaborate effectively with app stores, especially while its approval on Apple’s App Store remains on an experimental basis.

Apple’s stance on Web3 games has been somewhat more opaque compared to Google Play, but Mythical Games has maintained open communication with both platforms. Linden emphasized that Mythical Games has made every effort to abide by app store rules and has shared important statistics with Apple to demonstrate that Web3 elements are not detrimental to the platform.

The success of NFL Rivals and its ability to attract players to make in-game purchases and then return for more has demonstrated the viability of Web3 elements in mobile gaming. Mythical Games is now looking to capitalize on this momentum by revisiting Blankos Block Party, a PC and Mac-exclusive title, and reworking it with a mobile-first approach while ensuring cross-play compatibility.

Blankos Block Party faced challenges such as high acquisition costs and a diverse player base due to its mix of shooting and racing activities. Mythical Games believes that with revisions and a mobile-first strategy, the game can become a success on mobile app stores.

Overall, John Linden expressed optimism about the growth of Web3 in gaming, noting that Mythical Games is on track to add nearly a million players per month to its games. This promising trajectory suggests that Web3 gaming is approaching a “hockey stick moment” of rapid expansion and adoption in the industry.

Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5.

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