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Proof Releases Mythics, a New PFP Collection

BY Erika Lee

July 20, 2023

Proof has launched Mythics, the latest project under the Moonbirds ecosystem. A total of 20,000 Mythics will be gradually revealed, with 100 new additions daily for 200 days.

“With Mythics, we’re really trying to give our community a new experience that links together the Proof ecosystem and expands the storytelling that started with Moonbirds,” said Kevin Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of Proof, in a press release. “I’m so proud of how hard our teams have been working on this launch, with the goal of expanding Moonbirds’ storytelling both through art and technology.”

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The lore of Mythics presents a tale of a society gripped by fear, grappling with a beast born from its own insecurities. They discover that confronting their internal fears is the only path to victory. As the narrative unfurls, “the community will witness correlations to the artist’s journey, gaining insight into the profound depths of the creative process.”

Every day, 50 Mythics Eggs will be activated, while 50 nominated Oddities NFTs will be designated for burning in exchange for Mythics. Once brought to life, Mythics eggs can be hatched at any moment. More information can be found on Moonbird’s official mint experience guide below.

In addition to owning the PFP’s IP rights, Mythics holders will also have access to exclusive Proof releases, art installations, and events. They will also become full-fledged members of the Lunar Society, the entrepreneurial wing of Moonbirds, where they can propose and vote on projects for endorsement.

“Building the Mythics collection with the incredible team here at Proof has been an amazing experience,” says Justin Mezzell, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Proof. “As creatives, we took a deep dive into the lore of this world we’ve been building — through both the art itself and the unique mechanics powering the mint. It was important to us that we create an engaging, entertaining experience that connects our community and more meaningfully invites them into the world and story of Moonbirds and Mythics.”

To commemorate the Mythics art, Mythics holders, Moonbirds enthusiasts, and members of the Proof ecosystem will be welcomed to a celebration at Foundry, Proof’s newest multi-purpose community hub in Los Angeles.

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