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The Now Pass Mint Is Officially Live

BY Eric James Beyer

March 23, 2023

The Alpha:

  • The Now Pass, a collection of 2,750 NFTs set to help build the future of tokenized media, has arrived.
  • The Now Pass grants holders access to the Now Network, an ecosystem containing nft now’s industry-defining tokenized media initiatives based on community, rewarding participation, and progressive decentralization.
  • The Now Pass mint is officially live — head to to grab yours. Phase One begins on March 23 at 10 am ET. Phase Two starts on March 24 at 4 pm and runs to 6 pm. Phase Three — the public sale of the NFTs — starts on March 24 at 6 pm and runs while supplies last.

Mint details

To purchase a Now Pass, head to To do so, you’ll need to make sure you have some ETH in a non-custodial digital wallet like MetaMask or WalletConnect compatible wallets.

The mint will take place in three phases. During Phase One, Now Passes will be made available to NFT100 and Next Up honorees, artists and speakers who participated at nft now and Mana Common’s The Gateway, Day One POAP holders, investors, and partners.

Phase Two of the Now Pass mint — which begins Friday, March 24 at 4 pm ET — will include allowlist giveaways, community collaborations, and Premint signups. Finally, Phase Three — starting Friday, March 24 at 6 pm —will see the Now Pass open to the public while supplies last.

Each wallet in either Phase One or Phase Two of the mint process will be able to mint up to two Now Passes. If the Phase Three public mint is reached, any wallet, including those from the first two Phases, will be eligible to mint up to three Now Passes until supplies run out.

As always in Web3, be aware of any bad actors spreading misinformation around the mint. Be sure to double-check links and refer back to nft now’s official channels to avoid phishing attacks or any other scams. All official information related to the Now Pass can be found at and, our Twitter handles @thenowpass and @nftnow, as well as nft now’s official Discord announcement channel.

Dive Deeper

Traditional media is broken. One only needs to take a cursory glance at the state of the media-consumer relationship to see this. On the publisher’s side, the endless pursuit of audience scale often takes precedence over producing meaningful, informative content.

Readers are likewise incentivized to head for the most eye-catching headlines and even outright clickbait. It’s an algorithm-driven system that amounts to a rapid race to the bottom of what might otherwise be a chance at contributing to a healthy information ecosystem.

At nft now, that ecosystem — and the community we have a direct relationship with and responsibility to — matters. With the Now Pass, we have a chance to upend the existing media model, exchanging audience for community. The future of media is tokenized, and now that future is here: the Now Pass mint is officially live.

The Now Pass artwork

The generative art NFTs of the Now Pass are the product of nft now’s very own CTO and Creative Director Aaron Baker, aka Nostalgic. The artwork pays tribute to the generative art movement through its design and development, having been procedurally generated through a custom application.

As such, the Now Pass artwork inhabits the concept of being “the signal in the noise,” a standard that nft now has proudly embodied since its inception. Each piece contains various rarity traits and unique attributes pertaining to shape, color palette, and noise density.

A digital piece of generative art featuring geometric shapes and a color spectrum of greens, blues, and reds.
Credit: Aaron Baker

The tokenized media revolution will fundamentally alter how content is created, delivered, and absorbed. It also has the potential to redefine relationships that have been cemented — oftentimes for worse — for centuries. Web3 technology can help us forge the deeper, more meaningful human relationships we want while building an information ecosystem that benefits everyone. We invite you to join us in learning, growing, and co-creating this future together.

Head to to mint your Now Pass and learn more about our vision for the Now Network in our op-ed here.

Editor’s note: The Now Pass mint phase timing has been updated to reflect the latest timeline.

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