Exclusive: The Fabricant Unveils ‘DEEP’ Collection Revamped Through Cutting-Edge AI Tools

BY Afrodet Zuri

December 20, 2023

In news exclusively shared with Now Runway, The Fabricant has embarked on an ambitious project to send a piece of their reimagined DEEP collection to the moon. This initiative aims to democratize art in space, challenging the notion that only works by wealthy and famous artists, such as those by Jeff Koons, should reach such extraordinary destinations. The primary focus of this venture is on art and space education, leveraging the metaverse as a medium.

Collaborating with Bernard Foing, a former chief scientist at the European Space Agency (ESA) with 17 years of experience, the project envisions the creation of the MoonMars Museum. Foing, who previously contributed to a project that spent a full year on the International Space Station, proposed the idea of sending art to the moon within a gallery-like setup.

Scheduled for launch in Aug. 2024, the museum will carry the artwork as part of this unique exhibition. In line with the project’s goals, proof of the asset’s lunar presence, linked to an NFT contract, will be established closer to the launch date.

The Fabricant plans to create three distinct versions of the same artwork: a moon version, an interstellar version, and an earth version. This approach not only symbolizes the bridging of cosmic and terrestrial realms but also represents a significant step in using digital fashion and art to connect different spheres of human experience.

Credit: The Fabricant

In the rapidly evolving digital fashion industry, The Fabricant’s release of its updated ‘DEEP’ collection marks a significant moment. This reinterpretation of their 2017 AI-designed collection reflects the ongoing integration of technology in fashion. Led by Creative Director Amber Jae Slooten, the collection reexamines its original seven designs, now enhanced with contemporary AI tools, blending past insights with current technological capabilities.

The journey of The Fabricant in AI-driven fashion dates back to 2017, in collaboration with The Asimov Institute. This initial foray utilized an algorithm trained on images from Paris Fashion Week 2017, resulting in the first DEEP series. These early designs, while basic in their pixelated form, laid the groundwork for the more sophisticated designs of today.

DEEP 2023 showcases an advancement in technology and design. Utilizing tools like Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, and Stable Diffusion, the collection has evolved from its initial pixelated images to more detailed and nuanced designs. This shift demonstrates not just a technological leap, but an ongoing dialogue between human creativity and machine learning.

“As fashion design is democratized, the difference between good and bad will be defined by taste and attitude. New fashion creators will emerge, but only those with creativity and vision will prevail.” Amber Slooten, Creative Director for The Fabricant, shared in a press release.

The reinvented collection presents a striking array of digital haute couture that challenges the traditional notions of fashion and artistry. Each piece in the series is a blend of visionary design and technological innovation, forming an exquisite tapestry of the future of fashion.

Highlighted in the collection is an ethereal ensemble that drapes the figure like liquid marble. The fabric, imbued with swirls of rose and coral, cascades to the ground, pooling in a border of vibrant chartreuse. This garment merges the romanticism of classical drapery with the surreal, almost otherworldly palette of digital artistry. Another look reveals a juxtaposition of textures in the form of a voluminous jumpsuit, reminiscent of golden autumn leaves, paired with an opulent fur shrug, conjuring images of a futuristic explorer. The ensemble is accessorized with sleek, reflective eyewear, which seems to gaze into tomorrow.

Credit: The Fabricant

A vibrant red gown flowing majestically to the floor presents a striking contrast, with the upper part wrapped in a scarf emblazoned with bold, abstract designs, projecting an image of dynamic movement. A lime-green top with a high neck and sculptural sleeves is contrasted with a luxurious, animalistic lower garment that flares out in a display of primal elegance. The attire is both a nod to nature and a forward leap into fashion’s future. The combination of soft pastels and stark whites captures the delicate balance between technology and nature in another look. A figure dons a crisp white jacket and vibrant skirt, accented with bold stripes and a splash of neon, providing a daring take on modernity.  This outfit, complete with a scarf that veils the face, is a metaphor for the anonymity and malleability of digital identity.

Credit: The Fabricant

A sleek, metallic jumpsuit, cinched at the waist and flaring at the legs, creates a silhouette that is both retro and forward-thinking. The reflective material and the DEEP branding across the chest echo the collection’s digital roots, while the eyewear and gloves serve as a nod to the high-tech inspiration behind the collection.

Credit: The Fabricant

Whether it’s the soft digital print or the stark, vibrant colors, these designs transcend mere apparel to become artifacts of a digital era, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the intersection of fashion, art, and technology.

Collectors of the DEEP collection receive exclusive visuals, access to augmented reality wearables, and early access to future collections. This release illustrates The Fabricant’s approach to digital fashion as an area of continuous exploration and adaptation.

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