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The Gateway: Korea Reveals Speakers and Programming Schedule

BY Keisha Oleaga

September 05, 2023

With just a few days to go, the highly-anticipated The Gateway: Korea event is almost upon us. In addition to an immersive audiovisual gallery spotlighting some of the finest digital artists, the two-day event will encompass captivating fireside chats, keynotes by prominent speakers, and more. The Gateway: Korea’s speaker lineup and programming schedule have arrived.

From Sept. 7 to 8, nft now and FACTBLOCK will present The Gateway: Korea in Seoul as one of the main events of Korea Blockchain Week. The event will feature daily panels and fireside chats with prominent figures from various sectors within the web3 and digital art worlds.

Kicking off on Thursday, Sept. 7, with an exclusive fireside chat with top-selling artist Beeple, the day’s panel programming includes a music-centric panel moderated by Latasha and presented by Beatport and Polkadot, a Now Runway panel on digital fashion with Dani Loftus, Irene Kim and Lady Phe0nix, and a community-focused panel presented by Adidas /// Studio. A special fireside chat with visionary artist Krista Kim and a star-studded artist panel boasting ThankYouX, Emi Kusano, and JN Silva will close out the first day’s offerings.

The second day’s programming on Sept. 8 opens with an exclusive conversation with 9GAG’s Ray Chan, presented by ARC, followed by a curated art panel presented by Christie’s and a community panel featuring the likes of Dave Krugman and Frank Degods. The day will close out with a panel on digital disruption in the traditional art world featuring Dustin Yellin and a mysterious Project Dragon event with the nft now executive team.

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The upcoming event will be the third iteration of The Gateway series. Following the massive success of the five-day festival during Miami Basel last year, which witnessed 12,000 attendees and collaborations with brand behemoths like Instagram (Meta), RTFKT, Porsche, and MetaMask, this year’s The Gateway: Korea will bring the celebrated brand global for the first time.

The event will take place at S-Factory, Seoul, Seongdong-gu, Yeonmujang 15-gil, 11 에스펙토리 3층 301호, and promises a blend of technological advancements and creative energies, reiterating the dynamic evolution of art in the digital era.

Here are the daily schedules for speaker programming below. Request an invite on The Gateway website.

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