Behind The Drop: Soulection Paves the Way for Indie Record Labels in Web3

BY Jolene Creighton

February 23, 2022

Soulection is an independent record label and community united around the sound of tomorrow. But more than that, they are at the forefront of how indie record labels are evolving to empower their artists and fans via web3 offerings.

Soulection got its start in 2011, when Joe Kay was placed on air by KBeach Radio, which is California State college’s fully student-run radio station. Just two weeks later, Kay recorded Soulection’s first episode. “What’s up world?” he asks in the inaugural episode. “Today is the first official show of Soulection Radio. Happy to be bringing you the futuristic beats, eclectic sounds, and soulful music—quality music.”

Eventually, things evolved and became much more than a radio show.

By 2013, Soulection had released nearly 30 albums. By 2015, they had secured a partnership with Beats 1 and Apple Music. And surprisingly, the pandemic that began in 2019 only made them more focused and secure in their direction. When the world moved to social distancing, they started a Discord and strengthened their community, bringing in more than 11,000 members.

From there, naturally, they got into NFTs.

Their planned drops include the free Soulection Gems NFTs, a Soulection+ Radio show on, and Monte Booker Kolors Instrumental.

In this installment of Behind the Drop, we share an exclusive interview with members of the Soulection+ team as they talk about their upcoming initiatives in web3. In this episode, we sit down with Joe Kay, Mars Today, J Robb, and Iman Europe.

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