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Blurring Reality With Frontier Web3 Photographer Cath Simard

BY Langston Thomas

November 29, 2022

In Web3, anything goes. This is perhaps best understood by creators seeking artistic empowerment through the blockchain. Through Web3, artists like multitalented photographer Cath Simard are finding new and exciting avenues through which to push boundaries and circumvent the red tape of the traditional art world.

From Peru to New Zealand, Nepal to Scotland, and beyond, Simard’s photography has carried her art around the world while skirting the bounds of the well-traveled photography circuit. “For me, the more remote, the less traveled, the less photographed, and the less popular the location, the better,” she said in an interview with nft now.

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Simard has continually ventured into the most remote corners of the wilderness to create composite photography of sights unseen. But her work on the fringes of civilization has ironically landed her work in the metaverse. With a solid foundation of influential releases already under her belt, she’s become a frontrunner in the photography sector of the NFT market.

In this episode of Behind The Drop, we follow Simard deep into far-flung areas of Patagonia to see how she finds the perfect subjects for her work, and uncover a fresh inside glimpse of her creative process. As a pioneering Web3 creator featured in global publications, she is slated for inclusion in Christie’s latest auction, “Next Wave: The Miami Edit,” alongside numerous fellow groundbreaking artists during nft now x Mana Common’s The Gateway.

As a dedicated activist, Simard uses her surreal renderings of natural landscapes to raise environmental awareness while advocating for fair compensation and recognition for other artists. “I actually feel that the emergence of NFTs has inspired many artists to explore beyond their traditional landscape photography style,” said Simard. “It just feels like, for the first time, we’re finally being valued for our worth.”

Watch now to learn more about Simard’s creative process.

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