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How The Cool Kids’ New NFT Project Is Elevating Hip-Hop

BY Jex Exmundo

September 29, 2022

Since starting in Chicago’s hyper-competitive hip-hop scene 15 years ago, The Cool Kids carved out a singular niche for themselves in the larger music industry by consistently being ahead of the curve. When the duo, comprised of Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks, dropped their first video Black Mags in 2007, the world witnessed a novel kind of alternative hip-hop that later topped the charts in the following decade.

Now, The Cool Kids have kicked off yet another forward-looking initiative — a generative NFT art collection. Following the success of their membership token, they felt like they could go deeper into NFTs. “With that token, you would be able to gain access to shows that we have, you would get exclusive merchandise. Vinyl, CDs, signed memorabilia, and all that stuff,” said Sir Michael Rocks in an interview with nft now.

With their initial project serving as a seamless Web3 onboarding experience for the fans, the duo knew their next foray into NFTs needed to go hard. In our latest episode of Behind The Drop, The Cool Kids gave us an inside look at Pre-School, their next big NFT drop.

Through this collection, The Cool Kids’ art curation skills blended with their music production chops. In collaboration with generative art service provider Async, Pre-School hopes to provide collectors and fans with yet another NFT project worth collecting. “The best part is that no other edition will be generated in the exact same way, so that every collector essentially has a one-of-one,” said Async Artist Sophie Sturdevant, in an interview with nft now.

“Collaborating with The Cool Kids was such a fun and honestly smooth process for us. It was fun to work with a pair […] of musicians that understand the value of blockchain technology [and] the value of building community in Web3. [To] be frank, the two made our jobs so easy,” Sturdevant said.

Down the line, The Cool Kids hope this foray into the world of NFTs won’t be their last. Chuck Inglish, the other half of the hip-hop duo, sees the nascent technology as virtually limitless. “I see NFTs for exactly what they are, which is intelligent contracts, and not like a thing called NFT. You got opportunities to make money off of sales of art. A smart contract does that for you. That’s what I love about NFTs,” said Inglish.

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