WATCH: These Artists Want You to Help Define Web3

BY Jex Exmundo

September 16, 2022

What does a ‘decentralized’ internet even mean anyway? Within the realms of the NFT space — and Web3 as a whole — the interpretation of that ideal varies significantly. In the realm of blockchain gaming, titles like Decentraland are building towards it by providing scores of users with the tools to bring their dream game worlds to life. On the other hand, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin sees Soulbound Tokens as the fundamental building blocks for a future decentralized society.

For others, building towards decentralization isn’t such a grand affair. It’s all a matter of execution — and perspective. For the Haas brothers — twins who’ve made a name for themselves in the art world via their striking, irreverent sculptures — decentralization comes in the form of a question: what is Web3, even?

The brothers hope to answer that question with their MultiBeasts project — an NFT collection consisting of 8,888 PFP NFTs called unique digital portraits (UDPs). And in typical Haas brothers fashion, their spin on a PFP NFT project subverted the norm we typically see in the NFT space. To participate in its mint, interested collectors even needed to fill out a personality test that reflected the creative spirit of MultiBeasts.

In our latest episode of Behind the Drop, we spoke with the Haas brothers about their most recent foray into the NFT space.

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