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Exclusive: ‘AI Surrealism’ Exhibition to Feature Roope Rainisto, More

BY Eric James Beyer

May 30, 2023

The Alpha:

  • The digital artist collective Exquisite Workers is teaming up with Superchief Gallery NFT and Web3 marketplace Foundation to host AI Surrealism, an AI art exhibition in New York from June 2-24. 
  • The exhibition, which is being billed as the largest AI art show of its kind, will take place at The Oculus within the Westfield World Trade Center in the heart of New York. Over 140 artworks will be on display from 100 artists, including Anna Dart, Haze Long, Javier Tomeo, Jenni Pasanen, and post-photography pioneer Roope Rainisto
  • Starting June 2, the pieces in the exhibition will be available for auction for seven days on Foundation as open editions, priced at 0.02 ETH and 0.04 ETH, as well as limited edition 1/1s starting at 0.2 ETH.

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Curated by artists Anna Dart and Roger Haus, AI Surrealism is the latest in a string of exhibitions and events dedicated to showcasing and supporting artists who use AI art tools in their work. The international gathering is meant to serve as an embodiment of the advent of a new era in creative expression that merges surrealism with technological advances. The exhibition also coincides with Exquisite Workers‘ third anniversary, a collective known for pioneering digital surrealism since 2020.

“The essence of surrealism is about exploring the subconscious, and AI technology taps into that same mysterious realm,” Dart, Co-Founder of Exquisite Workers and co-curator of the upcoming exhibition, said in a press release.

Dart’s sentiment echoes the concept that AI art, like surrealism, is a manifestation of human imagination, often resulting in unexpected and remarkable creative outcomes. The works included in AI Surrealism encapsulate a wide spectrum of genres, including AI photography, AI animation, AI-digital illustration hybrids, and AI jewelry design, reflecting the ever-expanding horizons of artistic expression these tools engender.

Pushing the artificial envelope

Haus, co-curator of the exhibition and an artist known for his NFT collections that feature a vintage-anime aesthetic, emphasized the cultural importance of this artistic movement, saying, “Surrealism has never been more important than it is today, and it offers a unique lens through which we can explore the integration of AI and blockchain technology.”

Human face surrounded by/slightly made from tech and other objects
Credit: Roger Haus
Man with bird
Credit: The Turtle Hermit

Superchief Gallery NFT, a New York-based gallery known for its work in the NFT space, was instrumental in making the exhibition a reality and curating its inclusive and diverse lineup of artists. The gallery has been highly active in promoting AI art in 2023, having arranged AI art exhibitions in both Los Angeles and Seoul this spring.

Visitors can experience AI Surrealism at Canvas 3.0, located at The Oculus within the Westfield World Trade Center. For those who can’t make it in person, the exhibition will also be available online via Foundation.

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