ICYMI Mondays: Dec. 6

BY Langston Thomas

December 06, 2021

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of waking up on a Monday and realizing you missed out on some incredible drops over the weekend.

It can be truly disheartening to find out that an awesome project launched, minted and sold out all while you were tied up with a wedding, camping trip, or multiday metaverse bender.

Don’t go FOMOing into anything just yet though, because every Monday, we’re bringing you a roundup of the art, collectibles, airdrops and more you missed while you were away.

Pak x Nifty Gateway — Merge

Pak made history yet again over the weekend with a new Nifty Gateway collection, Merge. Featuring enigmatic drop mechanics and cryptic information surrounding potential future benefits, Merge concluded over the weekend, with Pak achieving the largest-ever art sale by a living creator.

Similar to Pak’sThe Fungible Collection from Spring 2021, Merge was held as a multi-day sale surrounded by speculation and fanfare. Yet it seems those who missed out on The Fungible, which exploded in sales volume throughout 2021, learned their lesson early on, aping into Merge and helping Pak earn an unprecedented accolade from this historical sale hosted by none other than NFT community favorite and leading Web3 platform Nifty Gateway.

deadmau5 x Portugal. The Man Collab NFT

Over the weekend, deadmau5 x Portugal. The Man joined forces to release a new collaborative single titled “this is fine.” via mau5trap. The song, which went live on Dec. 2, is exclusively available to purchase as a single NFT for 0.25 NEAR each. With a circulating supply of one million units via Mintbase upon completion, the “this is fine.” sale will meet the American recording industry’s criteria for platinum certification.

Both deadmau5 and Portugal. The Man have undeniable influence at the intersection of blockchain and music. As early adopters in the NFT space and as recording artists pushing the boundaries of music and tech, the two larger-than-life names have continued to build towards the future of a Web3-centered creative industry with this latest endeavor.

TIME Magazine — NFTs & Independent Musicians

It’s no secret that digital art rules the world of NFTs. Yet there are numerous unique artistic applications of NFTs that continue to be overlooked. Two of which — photography and music — are starting to finally gain a foothold in the rapidly growing non-fungible market.

In a piece released by TIME Magazine, reporter Andrew Chow shines a light on how independent recording artists are utilizing NFT technology to make more money than they might’ve ever thought possible via Spotify stream revenue. Diving deep into the careers of Daniel Allan, Haleek Maul, Latashá and more, Chow illustrates how independent artists are finding new (and more fruitful) revenue streams by way of blockchain technology, and what this might mean for the future of the music industry, especially where smaller and newcomer artists are concerned.

Art Basel Miami Beach

This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach was one for the books. From Dec. 2-4 the coveted U.S. art show not only drew artists, creators and collectors from all over the world, but acted as host to a slew of incredible NFT galleries, parties and activations.

At this year’s Art Basel, we had the opportunity to look into the future, in which the worlds of traditional art and NFTs coexist in creative harmony. From auctions and events like nft now x Christie’s “The Gateway,” to performances from some of the biggest names in music and art, the Crypto, fine art and NFT communities came together to celebrate this transcendent year of creativity and technology.

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Photos courtesy of Pak & Nifty Gateway.

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