Nike Files Trademarks for ‘Virtual Goods,’ Seeks Staff to Usher It Into the Metaverse

BY Anna Chan

November 03, 2021

Nike wants to make the jump into the metaverse. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the company filed for seven trademarks at the end of October, and a job listing specifies an entry into the metaverse.

In one trademark application filed Oct. 27 for the Nike swoosh, the description notes that the trademark would be for “downloadable virtual goods” such as “computer programs featuring digital footwear,” as well as clothes, bags, sports equipment, art, toys and more “for use online and in online virtual worlds.”

It also indicates “entertainment services” for “online, non-downloadable virtual” items such as shoes, clothing and accessories “for use in virtual environments.”

Nike’s slogan — Just Do It — as well as the brand name, Jordan and its Michael Jordan jumpman logo, are among the trademarks the Oregon company has filed for.

The brand is also looking for designers to take the company to a new frontier, with its job site listing openings for three Virtual Material Designer IIs. Per the description, these employees would “create and visualize the most sophisticated and innovative virtual material concepts in the world using 3D tools.” What’s more, the Virtual Material Designers “will play a key role in redefining our digital world, ushering us into the metaverse.”

Nft now has reached out to Nike for comment.

This wouldn’t be the first time the athletic apparel company has offered virtual goodies. LeBron James’ kicks, the Nike LeBron 19, became available in July in Fortnite’s Icon Series from Epic Games. The company also dropped 10 exclusive sneakers in NBA 2K20.

Other clothing brands have also been venturing into the NFT space. In late September, luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana set a new record for fashion NFTs, bringing in around $5.7 million in nine NFT auctions. Gucci also auctioned its first NFT with Christie’s, closing at $25,000 in June.

Photo courtesy of Nike.

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