Quentin Tarantino to Drop Never-Before-Seen ‘Pulp Fiction’ Scenes as NFTs

BY Anna Chan

November 02, 2021

Better than a $5 milkshake! Quentin Tarantino announced on Tuesday, Nov. 2, that he’s dropping seven never-before-seen, uncut scenes from Pulp Fiction as Secret NFTs on OpenSea. The Secret Network will be supporting the drop and showcasing some of its privacy and access controls.

“The best artists and creators want complete control over how their stories are told and how they connect with their audiences. They want to be able to experiment, share their truths, and create their own worlds,” the Oscar-winning director said in a statement about his drop and working with Secret Network. “Secret NFTs represent a new kind of ownership and creative control that goes beyond what NFTs have enabled to date. They allow artists and audiences to build a more authentic relationship — one that is privately shared between them. Digital access control and unlockable content will open many new doors for creators who have been waiting to explore this new world.”

Each of Tarantino’s auctions will feature content that is viewable only by the NFT’s owner, a unique feature from Secret NFTs. The “secret” content are uncut handwritten scripts of the movie, as well as exclusive commentary from the director that shares previously unknown information about the film and Tarantino himself.

What the public does get to see of the NFTs will be special as well: a never-before-seen work of art showing iconic moments from Pulp Fiction.

Currently, everyone can see the images in collectors’ NFT wallets, but because these Pulp Fiction NFTs are Secret NFTs, the general public will see only the aforementioned public-facing image: that of Pulp Fiction‘s collected iconic moments. This special feature, enabled by Secret NFTs, makes it so that the only person who’s able to view and access the handwritten scripts and Tarantino’s commentary are the individual owners of each of the seven NFTs.

The 1994 film — starring Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, and John Travolta — won an Academy Award for best writing and screenplay, and earned nominations for best picture, best director, and more.

In addition to announcing the launch of his NFT collection, Tarantino participated in the NFT.NYC livestream panel discussion The Future of NFTs & Entertainment, hosted by nft now Nov. 2. The discussion, moderated by Lady Phoenix, featured Tom Bilyeu, the CEO of Impact Theory Studios; Mike Novogratz, the founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital; Regina Harsanyi; Coin Artist; and Gmoney.

Photo courtesy of Miramax.

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