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Yuga Labs CEO Addresses Community Feedback, Charts Future Direction

BY Andrew Rossow

October 18, 2023

Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre took to X (formerly Twitter) this week, where he addressed the community feedback in response to many of the company’s recent changes, including a candid account of his journey and his vision for the future.

In the Oct. 17 X thread, Alegre began by acknowledging and validating the feedback he has received from Yuga’s many communities in wanting to see improvements.

He shared an anecdote from his early days, sharing advice he had previously received from one of Yuga’s founders when he took over as CEO 6 months ago. “While I am not naive enough to think that six months in, I now totally get it all, I am very aware of the importance of taking and acting on constructive feedback – and how incredibly important all of your voices are to the health of our brands,” Alegre stated in part. 

“While I am not naive enough to think that six months in, I now totally get it all, I am very aware of the importance of taking and acting on constructive feedback – and how incredibly important all of your voices are to the health of our brands.”

Daniel Alegre

Having attended many IRL events for BAYC, CryptoPunks, Meebits, and 10KTF in New York, Austin, Dallas, Miami, Seoul, Paris, Singapore, and Tokyo, Alegre said that since day one, he has made it a point to attend as many meet-ups as he can to become better acquainted with members of the Yuga community.

“I am usually among the first to arrive and one of the last to leave,” he explained, adding that he really enjoys getting to know [everyone] and the opportunity to “receive authentic, unfiltered feedback.”

He credited these interactions for catalyzing several of Yuga’s major initiatives, including the ‘Made by Apes‘ program, elevating the CryptoPunks art form to collectors inside and outside of Web3, and the increased investment in partnerships to propel its native metaverse ecosystem, Otherside, in the right direction.

Six Months Ago…

Reflecting on his first day as CEO, Alegre recalled Yuga Labs’ unique community connections and its unwavering commitment to innovation. 

However, he also admitted that the youthful and lean staffing of the company presented future challenges in executing all of the initiatives it had taken on, leading to a reassessment of priorities. 

“It was time to take a close look at our priorities and make sure that we were putting our weight behind the things that really mattered…so that’s what I have been doing,” Alegre elaborated. 

On October 6, Alegre announced that Yuga would be undergoing a restructuring to better serve its communities and execute its vision for the company, beginning with staff layoffs and bolstering the Otherside ecosystem. 

As part of the company’s restructuring, Alegre emphasized three core priorities for Yuga Labs:

  1. Nurturing its existing communities,
  2. Focusing on executing on Otherside’s development and
  3. Leveraging strategic partnerships to help execute some of its more extensive initiatives.

With these priorities in mind, Alegre provided a comprehensive overview of Yuga’s current initiatives. Alegre stressed the importance of hosting IRL events to foster connections, referring back to its support of a number of global events in the past ten months, including ApeFest 2023 in Hong Kong. 

Regarding collaborations, Yuga Labs has been selective, opting for partnerships offering distinctive value. Notable alliances include luxury brands like Gucci and BAPE®. Alegre tantalizingly hinted at upcoming announcements regarding new collaborations that are currently in the works.

Addressing past friction between Yuga and the CryptoPunks community during his initial tenure, Alegre revealed efforts to fortify ties. This involved liaising with premier museums to uplift the esteemed status of CryptoPunks, consolidating support for both communities, and shining a spotlight on Yuga’s Legacy Project.

Meebits and 10KTF were also discussed. Alegre recognized Meebits’ growth challenges and proposed a transformation towards a more interactive ownership model via Otherside. As for 10KTF, Alegre envisions it playing a grander role in the Yuga ecosystem, again using Otherside as a catalyst.

Since its mid-2022 debut, Otherside has emerged as a promising metaverse platform, with Alegre acknowledging its intricate development challenges. Yuga aims to enhance Otherside’s capabilities, delivering exceptional digital experiences with sound technology. Meanwhile, learning from setbacks like Forge and successes like Dookey Dash, Alegre emphasized Yuga’s commitment not as a gaming company but as an enabler of gaming experiences for its community.

Lastly, turning to Ordinals, Alegre discussed Yuga’s exploration into the Bitcoin blockchain. He underscored the ongoing initiatives to boost engagement, including weekly puzzles and innovative methods to deliver tangible products to enthusiasts.

Alegre also closed out the tweet teasing the highly anticipated real-life clubhouse, which seems to have been part of BAYC’s roadmap for quite some time now. Though previously shrouded in mystery, this announcement has created quite a buzz within the community.

“P.S., also a clubhouse,” he wrote, adding to his initial tweet.

While the road ahead might be marked with uncertainties, under Alegre’s stewardship, Yuga Labs seems poised to navigate these waters with clarity, conviction, and a community-first approach.

Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-4.

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