12 Times NFTs Changed Lives This Year

BY Langston Thomas

November 24, 2021

This holiday season, we’re thankful for NFTs. With the market having absolutely exploded since the beginning of the year, countless lives (including ours at nft now) have completely changed from the resurgence of this once incredibly niche space.

Through making life-changing money by trading crypto and NFTs, leaving IRL jobs to build the metaverse, and finding lifelong friends online, many of us within the non-fungible ecosystem have achieved things we never thought possible. So to celebrate being thankful for NFTs, we’re looking back at some of the NFTs that have changed lives in 2021.


Loopify is regarded by many as one of the most prominent and generous influencers in all of NFTs. Although he started out as an artist and NFT blogger, in just over a year, he has launched multiple projects, pushed the envelope in NFT gaming, and raked in millions from NFT sales and top-tier trades.

Claire Silver

Silver is a well-known AI collaborative artist and NFT influencer. A true beacon of positivity in the community, after minting and trading NFTs for months, she was able to make enough profits to benefit her family in significant ways.


Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time for NFTs to change your life — as was the case for KJ. After the initial Doodles mint, KJ purchased an unrevealed Doodle via secondary sale that turned out to be the 1/1 original Doodle. As this Doodle was used as the project’s logo, Doodles co-creator Even Keast personally put in a 100 ETH bid to buy back the NFT, and the rest is history.


This may be one of the most perfect “how it started” vs. “how it’s going” tweets in the NFT space. Twitter user Daggerhigh seems to have started collecting and trading NFTs toward the beginning of 2021. After a few short months of struggling to make more than $100,000 in returns, he flipped his way up to becoming a millionaire. Talk about life-changing money.


Multi-talented artist ProbCause has been making a name for himself as a rapper for years. Prob, who has worn many creative hats throughout his career, was able to completely pay off his student loans by selling NFTs, crediting his Skullies project for making it possible.


Prominent pixel artist Timpers tells a story relatable to many artists within the NFT space. As he started out his NFT journey working endlessly on commissions, he quickly found a warm welcome into the community. He sold numerous NFTs and even gained enough popularity to be tapped for a piece featured in a limited edition Bored Ape x Rolling Stone collab zine.


GxngYxng is the creator of the prominent NFT project Ghxsts. He left his stable job in animation with absolutely no backup plan, and initially struggled to get his project off the ground. But as the current Ghxsts trading volume shows, GY is doing just fine, even making $2 million off a single NFT sale.

Jake Osmun

Jake Osmun, known in the NFT space as JakeTheDegen, landed one of the most impressive trades in the entirety of the 2021 NFT bullrun. After gaining popularity as a live-music photographer throughout the years, he was able to quit his job and go full steam ahead as a crypto artist by winning a Twitter shill contest in which he traded Punk4156 an impressive photo of Kanye West for CryptoPunk #5514.


Aside from being married to crypto artist PSYCH, Betty had little experience in NFTs prior to her and her husband creating Deadfellaz. Yet as the matriarch and head of the now very popular zombie NFT project, she has seen her life forever changed by the NFT community.


Spancs’ life-changing sale is yet another example of Loopify’s far reach throughout the NFT community. The 19-year-old 3D artist made more than $40,000 and was able to pay off all of his student debt due to a single trade of an NFT from Loopify’s Timeless project.

Izzy Pollak

As was the case with many early Bored Ape Yacht Club supporters, Pollak was able to make a substantial amount of ETH by flipping an Ape. Not only was he able to cash in big time from his 71 ETH sale (nearly $302,000 at press time), but he even bought a house with the funds!

Stephy Fung

Early on in the year, Fung was able to achieve what a majority of those within the NFT community had been dreaming about: quitting her job and sustaining herself off of NFT money! Her story echoes that of many within the NFT community who have been able to make a few — or even one — large-scale trades and achieve financial freedom.

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