Top Collector GMoney on Finding the Next Big Project


Top Collector GMoney on Finding the Next Big Project

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 32

November 10, 2021

Among the builders, investors and collectors who have become the rock stars of the NFT space, there are few as important to the community as GMoney. A longtime proponent of NFT technology, GMoney has been doing much to drive mainstream adoption.

The influential collector is seen as a pillar of knowledge and a provider of wisdom throughout the NFT community. Having helped numerous artists, brands and collectors become well situated in the space, he is creating a legacy of philanthropy. 

GMoney, who comes from a traditional financial background, says he saw the potential of NFTs early on. And as he’s grown and developed his personal brand in the space, he’s become the de facto bridge between the old and new financial paradigm being created through blockchain and NFT technology.

“I found NFTs and they made sense pretty much right away,” GMoney shares on the new episode of the nft now podcast. “I was an equities trader for 15 years before getting into crypto full time. So I was just keeping an eye out for this stuff.”

As one of the earliest advocates for CryptoPunks (which is why we tapped him for our Punks Guide), GMoney even guided Visa’s massive move of securing a unique mohawk Punk. And he isn’t stopping there on his mission to broaden the horizons of the NFT ecosystem.

On this episode of the nft now podcast, GMoney discusses his journey into NFTs, strategy as a collector, advice for new collectors and more.

Prior to becoming an NFT and crypto whale, GMoney says he saw the NFT wave incoming via Fortnite skins, costumes for your Fortnite character that provide little utility aside from aesthetics. When he started playing Fortnite with his friend and his 12-year-old nephew, GMoney learned about the appeal of skins and saw the possibility of a “massive [digital asset] supercycle” on the horizon.

“When I found NFTs I was like, ‘Wow, this is your [Fortnite] skin for Twitter, Discord and Telegram.’ To me it made total sense,” GMoney recalls. “So when I realized that, I put two and two together, I thought, ‘This is a no brainer. I should start buying whatever NFTs that I think are high quality.’”

As the NFT market has grown and evolved over the past year, GMoney has changed his buying strategy accordingly, but has continued to devote a significant amount of his time to assisting others in their NFT endeavors. With Metaverso, a new NFT summit held in Puerto Rico, GMoney’s goal is to raise money for local nonprofits aimed toward entrepreneurship and technology education.

“I’ve been in Puerto Rico now for a couple years. I’ve seen firsthand the life-changing tech that is NFTs,” GMoney tells nft now. “Being able to help people that are in poverty, you know, creators that are in debt and struggling — we’re trying to help push the space forward.”

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