Snowfro & Sam Spratt: In Conversation


Snowfro & Sam Spratt: In Conversation

Live From the Gateway Season: 2.5 Episode: 12

December 13, 2023

Art Blocks founder Erick Calderon, known as Snowfro, and artist Sam Spratt, the founder of The Monument Game, engaged in an illuminating and personal conversation at Gateway Miami. Their dialogue revolved around mutual admiration for each other’s artistry and the evolving landscape of Web3 art. 

Spratt shared personal insights about his journey, highlighting moments of self-discovery and resilience. They also discussed the role of technology in art, focusing on Art Blocks as a platform for empowering artists. Snowfro emphasized the importance of community and collaboration within the Web3 art sphere, while Spratt underscored the significance of creative output in shaping the Web3 ecosystem. 

In this talk, we cover what’s next for digital art, overcoming obstacles to creative growth, and how to build a community around your art.


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