Being Beeple: Capturing the Web3 Zeitgeist


Being Beeple: Capturing the Web3 Zeitgeist

Live From Gateway Korea Season: 2.5 Episode: 10

November 22, 2023

Renowned digital artist Beeple, also known as Mike Winkelmann, took center stage at The Gateway: Korea to discuss the digital art world’s evolving dynamics. The discussion also offered valuable insights into Beeple’s own artistic journey and body of work.

Moderated by nft now co-founder and CEO Matt Medved, the conversation explored topics like the special artwork Beeple had crafted for The Gateway: Korea and transitioned to the inauguration of Beeple Studios in South Carolina, offering a glimpse into his creative haven. 

Beeple also elaborated on his digital art tools and techniques, emphasizing the transformative potential of the medium. He envisioned a future of more immersive digital experiences and discussed the realm of NFTs, highlighting the need for patience and value creation. Beeple also shared his sources of inspiration and addressed artist royalties, concluding with teasers about his upcoming projects and the privilege of being part of the ever-evolving digital discourse.

In this talk, we cover how he became the face of NFTs as a crypto newcomer, why digital artists may be the new DJs, and the future of creator royalties.


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