Inside Wilder World’s Multiplayer Metaverse


Inside Wilder World’s Multiplayer Metaverse

Live From the Gateway Season: 2.5 Episode: 14

December 27, 2023

At a panel in Gateway Miami, Dennis Crow, Wilder World’s head game producer, engaged in a conversation with nft now’s Matt Medved to introduce Wilder World’s latest metaverse experience. Their flagship game, “Midnight in Wiami,” offers an exhilarating racing experience within a photorealistic nocturnal setting inspired by the vibrant cities of Miami and Tokyo. This groundbreaking game celebrated its global debut at Gateway Miami, allowing attendees to partake in the simulation and firsthand experience the thrill it offers. 

The two sat down and chatted about why they centered the game on racing and how Wilder World creates its immersive AAA-quality experiences. Crow and Medved also discussed the future of the gaming industry, and why blockchain integration is set to elevate the gaming ecosystem. 

In this talk, we cover building a metaverse from scratch, why many gamers oppose NFTs, how AAA game studios will adopt web3, and more.


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