Sarah Meyohas’ Journey From Overlooked to OG


Sarah Meyohas’ Journey From Overlooked to OG

NFT Now Podcast Season: 3 Episode: 2

March 20, 2024

Pioneering artist Sarah Meyohas chronicles her innovative work at the intersection of art and blockchain technology, particularly her trailblazing projects like Bitchcoin and overcoming adversity as an early adopter. 

Her journey from academia to exploring the boundaries of digital and physical art forms illustrates a deep engagement with conceptual art and market dynamics. Through experimenting with unconventional mediums like holograms and custom plotting technology, Sarah reflects on the challenges and achievements in her career, emphasizing the importance of resilience and creative exploration in the evolving art landscape. 

The conversation also touches on the integration of digital art into traditional institutions and the potential impacts of AI and new technologies like the Apple Vision Pro on the art world, offering insights into future directions for artists and the broader implications for immersive art experience.


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