Niche to Mainstream: Web3’s New Horizon


Niche to Mainstream: Web3’s New Horizon

Live From the Gateway Season: 2.5 Episode: 21

February 15, 2024

Web3 has a perception problem. How do we fix it?

Dive into a compelling discussion with digital pioneers Krista Kim, Simone Berry, and Amanda Cassatt as they explore the concept of taking web3 from niche to mainstream. From creating immersive, inclusive digital spaces that celebrate diversity to tackling the challenges of AI and securing digital identities, this panel explores the transformative potential of web3. The discussion underscored the role of art and creativity in bridging web3 technologies with mainstream audiences, advocating for projects that not only entertain but educate and empower users.

In this talk, we cover: 

  • Making web3 easy for the masses
  • Creating inclusive digital spaces
  • Securing digital identities on-chain


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