Web3 Music Reimagined With Beatport.io


Web3 Music Reimagined With Beatport.io

Live From Gateway Korea Season: 2.5 Episode: 9

November 15, 2023

Presented by Beatport.io, the “Digital Resonance” panel at Gateway Korea featured an array of viewpoints presented by five distinct speakers representing different areas of the music industry.

Throughout the conversation, the panelists explored the profound influence of web3 on the music sector. They also highlighted effective approaches for artists to engage with their supporters via web3, effectively bypassing conventional intermediaries. This discussion underscored not only the value of diverse perspectives but also the significance of champions who advocate for such diversity within the realm of web3.

In this talk, we cover how artists can reward their super-fans in web3, why bear markets breed innovation, and how to promote diversity in the space


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