Is Digital Art the Next $1 Trillion Asset Class?


Is Digital Art the Next $1 Trillion Asset Class?

NFT Now Podcast Season: 3 Episode: 6

April 04, 2024

Is digital art the next trillion-dollar asset class?

In this episode, Grail Capital founder Jean-Michel Pailhon, a key player who left a lengthy tenure at Ledger to launch his own fund, shares invaluable insights on how digital art is reshaping art collection and investment. Drawing from his journey and the parallels between street art and digital art, he highlights his investment thesis and details which projects he believes will stand the test of time and deliver exponential returns to investors. This episode offers a singular look into the evolving landscape of the digital art market, making it a must-listen for anyone keen to understand where art and blockchain intersect, straight from an industry insider’s perspective.


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