An Inside Look at the World’s First Web3 Metropolis

BY Langston Thomas

November 23, 2022

The NFT space has changed significantly since nft now first presented “The Gateway” at Art Basel in 2021. In just one year, influential brands have entered Web3, several artists have risen to new prominence, and blockchain-powered philanthropy has entered the mainstream, exemplifying how novel NFT tech can make a serious and lasting impact on the world.

As Web3 continues to navigate the ups and downs of a volatile crypto market and potential global recession, we’re constantly reminded that NFTs are about more than art or money. In fact, the blockchain has grown past its salad-day limits as a niche internet microcosm, flourished into a cultural phenomenon, and become a hotbed for innovation.

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Now, as 2022 comes to a close, we have the opportunity to take a pause and reflect on the many feats of the NFT and Web3 communities. In keeping with the culture of prosperity and celebration created under the umbrella of non-fungibility, nft now has joined forces with Mana Common for a MoonPay-powered event unlike any other. Over five days, nft now will take over two city blocks in Downtown Miami to unite Web3 and advocate for creative empowerment as we embark upon an inspiring new chapter, together.

The who’s who of The Gateway

Make no mistake, there will be a lot to see at The Gateway from November 27 to December 3. Featuring immersive activations from Art Blocks, Christie’s, Clone X, FaZe Clan, Instagram, Porsche, and many more, the five-day festival’s installations and stages will grow through 12 buildings like living vines of the metaverse, intertwining to unite beneath a central nucleus.

Attendees will be met with a vast and vital collection of art taking both physical and digital forms — reflecting the malleable and adaptable nature of NFT spaces, and the artists who live in them. Throughout the week, The Gateway will undergo a continuous metamorphosis to offer guests amusement, entertainment, and high-value intel on the state of Web3, with food and drink abundantly available throughout the venue.

The Gateway 2022 Map
A map of The Gateway’s multi-building venue.

In addition to brand presence, more than 50 of the NFT community’s finest artists, creators, and leaders will show up throughout The Gateway, including honorees from The NFT 100 and previous guests of our podcast. All this, in addition to a star-studded speaker lineup featuring notable community leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk, Keith A. Grossman, and Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin.

Of course, no NFT event would be complete without representation from the most influential collectors, which is why The Gateway will also feature collectors and builders like Gmoney, Farokh, RTFKT’s Zaptio and ClegFX, and more. To get ahead of the curve, attendees can peruse The Gateway’s full schedule here, and re-familiarize themselves with the full lineup of artists and speakers here.

The true purpose of The Gateway

In keeping with nft now’s mission to help empower the creators of culture and drive mainstream adoption of NFTs, “The Gateway” aims to bridge the comprehension gap, and further extend a welcome hand to those from all walks of life. Whether from the traditional art world, the finance sector, media, fashion, or anywhere throughout the metaverse, all are invited to celebrate how Web3 and NFTs are composing the next chapter of art history.

A recap of the 2021 iteration of The Gateway.

Philosophers have long heralded the arrival of the Imagination Age, a successor to the Information Age in which creativity is the main driver of economic value. With the advent of NFTs, it truly seems that the Imagination Age is upon us, as artists are unlocking the potential of digital ownership, and with it the power to sustain themselves and thrive with blockchain technology.

Many thanks to our presenting partner Mana Common, title sponsor Moonpay, and partners Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Fenwick, Perrier, and Rug Radio, for helping us build the 2022 dream iteration of “The Gateway”, in a robust celebration of art and culture. A word of advice if you’re on your way: Expect the unexpected, and enjoy.

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