The Simpsons official NFTs

Ay Caramba! The First Official ‘Simpsons’ NFTs Are Here

BY Anna Chan

November 08, 2021

Bart Simpson has skated onto the blockchain. The Simpsons‘ official NFTs arrived Sunday, Nov. 7, and are part of a collaboration between Disney and digital marketplace VeVe.

The Simpsons collection is one set from Disney Golden Moments, which celebrates some of the iconic franchises that are streaming on Disney+, in honor of the streamer’s upcoming first annual Disney+ Day on Nov. 12. As part of the “Golden Moments” theme, all of the NFTs in the collection are in gold.

The first of The Simpsons NFTs features one of the long-running cartoon series’ classic moments: that of Homer and Bart strangling each other. There are 12,333 editions of this token, making it a common one. The second NFT is of Bart’s skateboard, which features the little dude’s skull and crossbones on the underside of the board. There are 6,333 editions of this one, making it a rare.

The digital collectibles — which are available on the VeVe app — are going for a price of $60 via blind boxes, meaning collectors won’t know which they’re getting until the NFT has been successfully purchased. Purchase of one of The Simpsons NFTs will also include three free months of Disney+.

While these are the first official Simpsons NFTs, this is not the first time characters from the animated show have appeared in NFT form. The most notable is the Homer Pepe NFT, which sold in March for 205 ETH, or about $320,000 at the time. The NFT features Homer Simpson as a Rare Pepe card.

Disney+ is also celebrating with more NFT drops as part of its Golden Moments collection for other beloved franchises. Upcoming drops include golden NFTs from Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel, as well as Disney films. Per a teaser video, those NFTs will include Iron Man, Star Wars‘ R2D2 and C-3PO, Frozen‘s Elsa, WALL-E, and more. The Elsa NFT arrives Nov. 8 at noon PT, alongside Mickey Mouse’s sorcerer hat from 1940’s Fantasia. The WALL-E NFT arrives the next day also at noon PT, along with an NFT of the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.

Drop dates have not yet been announced for the Star Wars or Marvel NFTs.

As 2021 continues to be a banner year in the NFT space — with Q3 sales alone reaching an astonishing $10.7 billion — more and more celebrities and big brands are entering the metaverse. Warner Bros. announced Nov. 2 that NFTs inspired by its Matrix film franchise are arriving a head of The Matrix: Resurrections in late December, while Quentin Tarantino revealed at the NFT.NYC conference that he’s turning never-before-seen scenes from Pulp Fiction into NFTs.

Photo courtesy of VeVe.

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