Showtime’s Alex Masmej on Creating Web3 Social Media Platforms


Showtime’s Alex Masmej on Creating Web3 Social Media Platforms

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 38

December 22, 2021

Over the past year, Alex Masmej, Co-Founder and CEO of the popular crypto-media social network Showtime, has proved himself to be one of the most dynamic builders in the NFT space. Currently working towards onboarding the masses into web3, he’s had a whirlwind of a time becoming a leader within the NFT community.

As an early adopter of social token technology, the now 23-year-old creator has charted himself an unconventional path in crypto from the start. Having recently funded his entire life move from Paris to San Francisco by way of his own social token, $ALEX, Masmej says he is now working towards nothing short of changing the world.

“I did the $ALEX token, and I was like, “Wow, it’s working really well, how can I scale this to millions of people, and what kind of people would like to have their own token?'” Masmej tells nft now about his inspiration behind Showtime. “Long story short, I felt that online creators would be best and it seemed like NFTs would also be the best format as the basis of a social token.”

On this episode of the nft now podcast, Masmej discusses launching his own social token, what excited him about NFTs, the future of social media more.

One of the most unique aspects of the NFT market is that it enables artists, collectors and investors to meet on a level playing field. With a noticeable lack of gatekeeping in the space, there has been little stopping the formation of a true community of creators and enthusiasts.

It’s this social aspect of the NFTs that Masmej is looking to expand exponentially. With Showtime, he hopes to marry the utility of NFT marketplaces with the accessibility and personability of social media.

“Right now, [the NFT space] is very transactional. It’s mostly marketplaces for now,” Masmej tells nft now. “And it seems like, you know, people engage on social media more and spend more time there than they spend time on Amazon or eBay… So I see NFT’s as replacing every single piece of social media content.”

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