Baron Davis on Why Sports Will Lead Web3


Baron Davis on Why Sports Will Lead Web3

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 68

July 27, 2022

For longtime NBA fans, Baron Davis — affectionately known as B-Diddy during his playing career — needs no introduction. Despite retirement, Davis remained in the spotlight by launching ventures in the media and entertainment industries.

Recently, Davis used his sizable platform to encourage professional athletes to invest in the NFT and Web3 ecosystems. Headlining this initiative is his “History of the Game” project aimed toward creating an enriched storytelling experience on the history of the sport he and millions of others hold so dear. He’s also slated to put his advocacy into action later this year with the upcoming Black Santa NFT drop, which will give the auction’s winners crucial roles (including a voiceover) in developing an upcoming animated series centered around the character.

In our latest episode of the nft now podcast, we cover Davis’ extensive involvement in the NFT landscape, his upcoming NFT projects and crucial industry partnerships, Davis’ mindset as a creator and businessman, how NFTs are creating new ways for athletes and sports fans to connect and engage, and much more.


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