Coinbase NFT’s Product VP on Taking NFTs Mainstream


Coinbase NFT’s Product VP on Taking NFTs Mainstream

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 41

January 12, 2022

Prior to fulfilling the position of Coinbase’s VP of Products, Sanchan Saxena had already established a proven track record of spearheading products at fortune 500 companies like GM, AirBnB, Instagram, and more. In helping Coinbase join the world of NFTs, Saxena has become an expert on NFT and Web3 consumer culture and is poised to help lead the charge towards mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

While legacy institutions like Sotheby’s and Christie’s continue to bridge NFTs into the fine art world, it will undoubtedly take major efforts from the frontrunners of tech and crypto to help NFTs go fully mainstream. And just as Coinbase has done for years with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the like, Saxena says the exchange giant is aiming to simplify NFT trading with its new marketplace

“We are actually embracing the idiosyncrasies and the positives and the negatives of the blockchain,” Saxena tells nft now. “You should be able to come to our interface and, as as a regular buyer of music NFTs or PFP NFTs, whatever it might be, you should not have to worry about the jargon and the technology associated with buying.”

On this episode of the nft now podcast, Saxena discusses building more social experiences around NFTs, the potential of Coinbase NFT to disrupt the current market and more.

Saxena seems to have become a true believer in the ability of blockchain technology to enable artists and creators to realize independent wealth by monetizing their content. As VP of Products for a major tech and finance company, Saxena and his team appear to be fully focused on empowering crypto-media creatives to reach their full potential by focusing on what matters to them the most.

In approaching the creation of Coinbase’s highly-anticipated NFT marketplace, Saxena hopes to make NFT buying and selling simple for both creators and collectors. He says the main goal of Coinbase NFT is to become the one-stop-shop for all NFTs across all chains.

“This is our product thesis is that: from day one, Coinbase NFT marketplace will be an open ecosystem. On day one, you’ll be able to take it [Coinbase NFTs] wherever you want to,” Saxena tells nft now. “That’s what I meant when I said earlier that we are actually embracing the decentralization concepts around building things on-chain. And that’s the power of what we are building. It’s not a closed-loop system.”

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