Deadfellaz’s Betty on Defending Artist Royalties


Deadfellaz’s Betty on Defending Artist Royalties

Live From the Gateway Season: 1.5 Episode: 1

January 04, 2023

As CEO and Co-Founder of Deadfellaz, Betty has established herself as a pillar of the NFT community while remaining an important figure within the ecosystem of her influential PFP project. While the road to NFT success has been elusive and ambiguous for some, she has remained a staunch supporter of independent artists at a time when creative opportunities have become conditional, and creator royalties have come under attack.

A proponent for diversity and inclusion in the NFT space, Betty has continued to be instrumental in driving conversation around equity in Web3. At nft now x Mana Common’s The Gateway during Art Basel Miami, Betty took the stage alongside nft now CEO and Co-Founder Matt Medved to speak on how the NFT space can better approach issues with the best interests of creators in mind.

In our latest episode of nft now’s Live From The Gateway, we discuss how Deadfellaz rose to prominence, the importance of creator royalties in the NFT space, creating value for Web3 communities, and more.


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